8 Signs You Should Renovate Your Church Building

After the construction of your church was initially completed, it probably felt close to perfect—your furniture was brand-new, your facilities accommodated your congregation perfectly, and your building was modern and attractive. 

Unfortunately, all facilities deteriorate over time—including your church building. Some big problems may be more evident to any passersby, and other details may be small enough that only you notice them. 

Fortunately, it’s not unusual for churches to require renovations. A reliable church design-builder can help you fix these eight common problems:

1. Noticeable Deterioration

Perhaps the most obvious sign your church building requires renovation is visible deterioration.

  • Is the exterior paint on your church chipped or faded?
  • Is your roof leaking or damaged?
  • Is your floor showing wear-and-tear?
  • Are there cracks in your walls or ceilings that would indicate structural issues?

If so, your church might require an exterior paint job, roof replacement, or updated flooring. These are all common renovations that every church leader should be mindful of.

2. Crowded Space 

One of the best problems your church can have is a lack of space—that means your church is growing! However, if your church can no longer accommodate your congregation and staff, you’ll need to consider renovating your buildings or expanding your campus

Fortunately, the best way to renovate your church ultimately depends on your preferences and the areas you need more room.

  • Has your congregation multiplied in recent years? Consider expanding your sanctuary.
  • Have you added several new members to your church staff? Add some office space.
  • Are there lots of young families and children attending your church? Expand your children’s ministry rooms or add a play structure for kids to enjoy.

3. Outdated Appearance

Perhaps your church is a historical landmark in your community, and it’s meant to look old-fashioned. However, if you are the pastor of a modern megachurch, an outdated building might not bode well for your community.

Look at your church compared to other similar churches in the community, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your church have features that make it feel dated?
  • Are your facilities lacking new technology that’s necessary to engage your congregation?
  • Is there anything about your church that would make it unappealing to new visitors?
  • Are you still using the same furniture that you used decades ago?

If your answer to these questions is “yes,” you might want to consider making some modern renovations to your church space that are aligned with your ministry vision.

4. Staff Requests

Your church staff is dedicated to fulfilling your ministry vision, so it’s important to be mindful of their needs.

Perhaps your office staff has grown and needs more room, extra cabinet space, or updated technology. Or maybe your youth pastor has been requesting a multipurpose facility where they can host youth nights and sporting events for the community.

Often, employee requests for renovations are brilliant ideas to expand your church you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. Their needs are usually great ideas for renovations!

5. Health and Safety Risks

Health and safety concerns are a necessary reason to remodel your church. Here are some common concerns that may require your attention:

  • Mold growth that can cause allergies and require serious medical attention 
  • Loose floorboards that can cause people to slip and fall 
  • Improper locking mechanisms, outdated windows, and faulty alarm systems that make your church vulnerable to burglars

These are just a few examples of health and safety concerns that may require remodeling. It always costs less to renovate than pay for a lawsuit or break-in, so it’s critical to take the necessary precautions to keep your congregation and building safe.

6. Low Value

If you’ve considered selling your church down the road, it’s great to think about ways to boost the value of your building now.

Look at the churches in your community to see what valuable features they’ve recently added. Maybe they have a café in their church lobby. Or perhaps they’ve added a multipurpose space that they rent out for community events or weddings.

Whether these renovations can generate income now or add resale value to your church for later, it’s wise to invest in profitable remodeling projects.

Your design-builder can help you determine the most valuable features to add to your church. Consider these reasons for hiring a design-builder before working with an architect for your construction project. (Hint: you’ll save time and money!)

7. High Utility Bills

Have you been paying a fortune to keep your church cool and well-lit? You might benefit from updating your electrical and HVAC systems.

Eventually, utilities become outdated and expensive to run. When you invest in new, energy-efficient systems, you’ll save money on operating costs that you can invest into ministry.

8. Hindrance to Community

Finally, church renovations are always an excellent idea when they can foster a sense of community. In the same way that certain architectural features can make your church feel dim and stuffy, other layouts and designs can make your congregation feel comfortable and welcome in your space.

Creating a building that fosters community is especially important when retrofitting a space with previous use, like a commercial building, into a church facility. Here are some examples of small renovations you can make in your church space to promote community:

  • Flexible seating with movable chairs
  • Well-lit windows and bright lights
  • A large, welcoming foyer
  • Extra rooms for community activities

Before you start church renovations, read this helpful guide to understand everything you need to know about each step in the construction phase of the design-build process.

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