Church Design-Build Process

At Churches by Daniels, our knowledgeable church construction team provides a streamlined, top-notch construction and building project.

Superior Design-Build Process for Churches Nationwide

What Is the Design-Build Process?

The Design-Build Process, also known as “design-construct” or “single responsibility,” is a system of contracting in which one entity manages the architecture, engineering and construction—all under one contract. In the church design-build system, the architect and construction contractor work together as a team.

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How Is It Different?

There are two main approaches to construction—the one-team “Design-Build” process, and the more traditional, two-team “Design-Bid-Build” process.


The traditional approach requires two companies—an architect and a construction company. This can be complicated as churches must:

  • Act as a go-between
  • Manage communications
  • Wait on companies to coordinate efforts
  • Try to keep the project from going overbudget—a common problem in this approach


In the Design-Build approach, the architect and builder belong to one company. Churches receive an all-in-one experience that:

  • Eases the burden of overseeing the project
  • Promotes a smoother, more organized team effort
  • Makes communication easier
  • Helps keep the building project on budget

The Benefits of the Design-Build Process

Churches benefit from building projects that are streamlined and fiscally responsible. In this regard, the Design-Build approach offers advantages over the traditional design-bid-build process.

  • Accountability — Easier to resolve issues when one firm is responsible for entire project
  • Teamwork — Makes communication and coordination easy
  • Quality — Better end results because everyone’s on the same page
  • Cost-Effectiveness — Proven savings when one company coordinates design, materials, and labor
  • Timeliness — No lost time due to delays between architect and construction crew
  • Pleasant Process — No need to mediate disagreements between architect and builders
  • Quick Fixes — Collaborative reviews that reduce errors and costly change orders
  • No Surprises — Coordinated design and build makes it simple to determine budget upfront

“Everyone I met at Churches By Daniels had character, honesty and the skills needed to walk me through this building process. I could trust them to do what was in the best interest of our church. Hiring them was one of the best decisions I have made as a pastor. We built a 45,000 sq ft building on time and under budget.”

Joel Simms, Senior Pastor, Word of Life, Flowood, MS

Our Design-Build Process

What distinguishes the church design-build process is the source of responsibility, combining both architect and builder into one entity. This allows the church builder to assign dollar amounts to the drawings throughout the design process and provides the owner with a more accurate “picture” of realistic project costs.

One option for a design-build system is to identify a company that offers both architectural and construction services. Another option is to find a company which is willing to work with another company to provide the design-build concept. Regardless, design-build is a very attractive option for the owner as it allows the team to value-engineer the project throughout the design phase. This ultimately saves the owner both time and money.

Potential Limitations to the Build Design Process

In addition to all of the benefits of the church design-build system, it is important to mention one possible weakness. In the design-build system, no third-party is involved to act as the balancing agent. This, however, can be easily remedied.

Many churches will use a staff member who understands the construction process to act as a third-party representative, but this is not always necessary. If the owner is careful to choose trusted well qualified companies, a third-party may not be needed. Regardless, it is vital to choose trusted team players who have your best interests at heart. This will greatly enhance your project, and ultimately, make the part you play in the project a much more rewarding one.

Choosing the Right Design-Build Company

Your church construction project doesn’t have to be stressful, costly, and time-consuming. An experienced church construction management company can help keep the process smooth, on schedule, and on budget.

At Churches by Daniels, our knowledgeable church construction team provides a streamlined, top-notch construction and building project—from purchasing land and raising funds to negotiating with contractors and handling project oversight. Churches by Daniels delivers:

  • Trusted, timely completion — Our attentive management and handling of essential decisions ensure smooth progress.
  • Fiscally-responsible approach — Our value engineering and national purchasing power keep your project on budget.
  • Top-notch projects — Our superior materials and attentive quality control efforts yield pleasing, lasting results.