4 Reasons to Hire a Design-Builder Before You Work with a Church Architect

Unlike the design-build process that Churches by Daniels uses nationwide with great success, a traditional approach to church building utilizes two companies: an architect and a construction company. Many churches reach out to a church architect before contacting a design builder. Big mistake.

The problem is that it complicates things to hire two companies to build your church facility because it forces the church leaders to act as a go-between, manage communication between both companies, and often wait on both companies to coordinate their efforts. The worst part of this set-up is that the church leaders are left trying to keep the building project within budget while balancing two separate entities: the church architect and the church design builder.

Costly church construction mistakes can be avoided when you hire a church design builder prior to hiring an architect.

Reasons to Hire a Church Design Builder before Hiring an Architect

The design-build process is a system where one entity manages the architecture, engineering, and construction of a church facility—all under one contract. In the church design-build system, the church architect and construction contractor work together as a team. Church construction mistakes are avoided when a church design builder is hired before hiring an architect.

Here are some vital reasons to hire a church design-builder first:

1. Save money

When you hire a design builder before hiring an architect, you will save money on your church building project. Your design builder will have an architect on his team, and he or she can work together along with the design builder to help plan your building stay within your budget. Best-value solutions are found cheaper, faster, and easier when you hire your design builder first. Avoid unnecessary costs and frustrating time delays by hiring a design builder from the very start for your project.

2. Save time

Your design builder brings a team concept to your church building program. The whole idea of a design builder is to house and coordinate the professionals you need under one contract, or one “roof.” As a result, a host of time is saved because the architect your design builder provides is accustomed to working with the design builder and communication is strong. There is cohesion within the team of different professionals, and time-saving solutions result.

3. Shorten project completion time

Start to finish, a church construction project takes a lot of time. From planning to presenting your vision to your congregation, and finally building your facility and furnishing it can be a sizable time commitment. When you hire a design builder before hiring an architect, your project will be delivered start-to-finish faster than if you hired the architect first.

4. Get better outcomes

Understandably, the church building process can seem all-consuming for many church leaders. Some get so focused on the moment, they lose sight of the long-term benefits of carrying out their vision for a new building. When you choose to hire a design builder before hiring an architect, the design builder will oversee and coordinate the other experts involved in the planning and building process. When architects and construction professionals come together to collaborate throughout the planning and building processes, you end up with the best possible outcome for your building. As a result, value will be added to your project, and you’ll gain benefits from that value for the full life of the building!

The Job of Your Church Architect

Church architects convert concepts into visible plans for your church construction project. They begin their involvement early in the planning process to review your vision and budget. They evaluate your current and future needs for a church facility so your building can be used well, and functions in a way that meets your church’s needs for years to come. Architects help define the features you desire for your new church facility, and are good stewards of your financial investment.

How to Save Time, Money, and Hassle When Building a Church

Churches who hire one company who both designs and builds their church will save time, money and hassles. When you hire a church builder who functions with the design build method, you will avoid problems.

At Churches by Daniels, our in-house church architect and design services evaluate your current and future programs to create original designs that fit your budget, support your church’s vision, and your core values. We empower you and your leadership team to make the best long-term decisions regarding your new church facility or church remodeling plans.

Designing a Church Facility that Fosters Connection

As you design your church, plan ahead to welcome your visitors by anticipating their needs upon arrival. Church facilities should foster connection, and at Churches by Daniels, we offer input on how to best facilitate connection for first-time visitors. From functional lobby space and a comfortable café atmosphere to easy-to-read signs to help people find the nursery check-in area, we design churches that are easy to navigate for new guests. In the sanctuary, projector screens create connection during worship and they are easily seen from every seat.

Ready to Hire a Seasoned Church Builder Who Uses the Design Build Method?

Churches by Daniels provides architectural designs for sanctuaries, educational spaces, church offices, church kitchens, stages, bookstores, church coffee shops, and youth and children’s spaces within your church. Our 3D animation renderings, still renderings, and systems integrations such as audio and lighting, combine to make gorgeous spaces where vision is realized.

Rise and build the church God placed in your heart. We’re here to help. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, vision, loyalty, and legacy is tangible throughout the church building process. We communicate respectfully with church leaders and value the honor of serving.

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