Church Construction Management

Learn everything you need to know about the processes involved in effective church construction management and how Churches By Daniels can help with your church construction project.

Cost-Effective Church Construction with Dependable Management Services

What Is Church Construction Management?

When a church building committee (owner) chooses an architect to design their project, rather than asking an architect to bid the design, the church fills the role of the general contractor. They negotiate with a construction manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the project to get the most cost-effective results. At Churches By Daniels, we recommend the construction manager first establish a fixed fee for his services. This construction delivery method is accepted industry-wide as the least expensive method of construction.

Church construction management by daniels

The church construction management process looks like this:

Choosing the Right
Construction Management Company

A thorough evaluation of the church construction design manager before you hire is absolutely essential to get the most positive results from the construction delivery method. Since there is no set price for the cost of construction using this method, there is potential for a contractor to escalate the cost of construction, ensuring them a greater profit. However, if a contractor works solely for the interest of the church building committee (owner), both parties will have considerably greater advantages throughout the construction process.

These advantages include:


An experienced church construction design manager knows how to make a church construction project successful.

  • Gives advice on what will work best
  • Knows building requirements that help a project proceed smoothly
  • Understands the community and provides localized knowledge


Church construction management helps keep costs down in a number of ways.

Streamlined Communications

The church construction design manager serves as a single point of contact.

  • Ensures information moves smoothly between contractors, designers, and church management
  • Provides timely input, avoids communication delays
  • Maintains all contracts, permits, and other documents


With a design manager onsite, your church construction project is more likely to stay on schedule.

  • Handles contract negotiations
  • Breaks up project into streamlined phases that produce swift results
  • Catches issues early so they don’t create problems later on

Need more information to be confident about starting your project?

We understand how pastors can feel uncertain when looking into constructing a new building. That’s why the Daniels team compiled two guides to give you an overview of what you need to know.

  • Why hiring a design-builder is in your best interest
  • The secrets to complete your project on time and within budget
  • What you need to know as a pastor and church building committee about acquiring financing to celebrating your big opening day
  • Planning ahead to celebrate your big opening day

“We have had the best experience working with Churches by Daniels. Their knowledge and expertise have brought such ease and peace during the whole process. They are clear, professional, and don’t quit until they get what you see in your mind!”

Pastor Jabin Chavez, City Light Church, Las Vegas, NV

Why Choose Churches By Daniels

Interior of church building after construction management services by Churches by Daniels
Church construction projects can be stressful, costly and time-consuming — but choosing an experienced church construction management company can ease the process, keeping it on schedule and on budget. At Churches by Daniels, our skilled, caring, knowledgeable church construction team will help your church successfully manage your entire construction and building project. From purchasing land and raising funds to negotiating with contractors and handling project oversight, Churches by Daniels delivers top-notch, expert building projects to give yo
  • Superior project results through frequent, detailed quality control measures
  • Fiscally-responsible budget and costs through value engineering measures and national purchasing power
  • Reliable, timely completion by actively managing contractors and driving key decisions that might otherwise hamper construction progress