Mega Church Construction Services

We are experienced in mega church construction, where church facilities are versatile & can be used for many different types of ministries.

Expand Your Impact with Mega Church Construction

Is your church growing at a rapid rate that your facilities can’t keep up with? If so, you might be considering mega church construction, with Churches by Daniels, to continue growing your ministry and reaching your community.


A mega church facility has an average of 2,000 or more people who attend weekly. To effectively operate a mega church, multi-site church, or multi-purpose campus, you should consider the following needs:

  • Safe and secure daycare, childcare, and youth areas
  • Ample space for staffing, storage, and parking
  • Suitable space for community engagement and special events (weddings, funerals, events, etc.)
  • Appropriate AVL (audio, video and lighting) systems for multi-site churches to broadcast to other campuses
  • Adequate space to accommodate the flow of traffic inside and outside before, after, and between services
  • An architect who can value engineer your church design so you don’t overspend on things like HVAC systems.

Get a Design-Build Team

We understand that it can feel overwhelming to manage the many aspects of mega church construction. That’s why our design-build construction teams offer the following services to make your church building project a success:

  • Church campus development—building in phases
  • Planning and construction for multi-purpose and multi-site facilities
  • Church sound, video and lighting integration


Large Capacity Facility

Expand your church with beautiful, functional space that will stand out in the community and allow your congregation to worship together under one roof.

Efficiently Manage Flow of Traffic & People

Build new parking spaces, childcare areas, and ministry facilities to overcome issues you might be facing with the flow of traffic as people come and go.

Impact Your Community

Overcome geographic and cultural barriers with multi-purpose facilities that can engage your community with events and activities—all seven days of the week.

Mega church construction from Churches by Daniels


Our team has built beautiful, functional multi-purpose church campuses across the United States.

These churches are currently enjoying their new multi-purpose space after working with Churches by Daniels for their mega church construction project:


Churches by Daniels can help you to expand your ministry vision with budget-friendly mega church construction services. We specialize in building beautiful, functional facilities that allow you to comfortably accommodate your congregation and effectively reach your community.

Partner with an expert in mega church construction who can bring your ministry vision to life.

“Our buildings contain many innovative features, which some said could not be done.
Under Daniels’ oversight, they were accomplished successfully, completed on schedule, and the quality of the workmanship was consistently top notch.”
Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin, Rhema Bible Church, Broken Arrow, OK

Need more information to be confident about starting your project?

We understand how pastors can feel uncertain when looking into constructing a new building. That’s why the Daniels team compiled two guides to give you an overview of what you need to know.

  • Why hiring a design-builder is in your best interest
  • The secrets to complete your project on time and within budget
  • What you need to know as a pastor and church building committee about acquiring financing to celebrating your big opening day
  • Planning ahead to celebrate your big opening day

“We have had the best experience working with Churches by Daniels. Their knowledge and expertise have brought such ease and peace during the whole process. They are clear, professional, and don’t quit until they get what you see in your mind!”

Pastor Jabin Chavez, City Light Church, Las Vegas, NV

Why Choose Churches By Daniels

Interior of church building after construction management services by Churches by Daniels
Church construction projects can be stressful, costly and time-consuming — but choosing an experienced church construction management company can ease the process, keeping it on schedule and on budget. At Churches by Daniels, our skilled, caring, knowledgeable church construction team will help your church successfully manage your entire construction and building project. From purchasing land and raising funds to negotiating with contractors and handling project oversight, Churches by Daniels delivers top-notch, expert building projects to give yo
  • Superior project results through frequent, detailed quality control measures
  • Fiscally-responsible budget and costs through value engineering measures and national purchasing power
  • Reliable, timely completion by actively managing contractors and driving key decisions that might otherwise hamper construction progress