4 Benefits of Value Engineering for Church Design-Build Construction

Church construction is already an expensive endeavor. It shouldn’t be made more costly with unnecessary items, processes, and corrections during construction.

If you’re looking for a way to save money, stay within your project timeline, and focus on your priorities for your worship space, invest in value engineering with Churches By Daniels.

This collaborative, creative process focuses on adding significant value to your building, so you can be confident your church is equipped to fulfill your ministry vision.

What Is Value Engineering?

Value engineering is a creative, team-focused effort that finds the best alternative solutions to achieve your construction project’s desired function at the lowest cost. Ultimately, this process maximizes the value of your church building—a true win-win situation!

4 Benefits of Value Engineering

1. Cost Savings

Value engineering is an unbeatable investment that will pay for itself during the construction process.

Essentially, you pay a team to identify cost-effective solutions. They develop a plan to improve your church building’s quality for less by modifying design options, the scope of design, or operating costs. After the construction team implements the plan, you reap the rewards—a beautiful, functional church building with added value.

The Winner’s Chapel saved $50,000 by hiring Churches by Daniels for their value engineering project—and that’s just by replacing the costly soundproofing with a reliable alternative!

2. Timely Completion

When completed during the architect and design phase, value engineering can save months of construction during your project’s building phase.

The decisions made during the value engineering process are built into the construction schedule, so you won’t have to worry about frustrating delays, last-minute changes, or out-of-stock materials that can impact your project timeline. Instead, you and your congregation will be able to gather in your church building right on-time.

3. Focused Priorities

Value engineering helps you and your church builder develop a mutual vision for your church construction project to ensure you spend your money on the things that are most important to you.

You have the opportunity to explain your goals, objectives, and requirements to your designer so they clearly understand what your priorities are. Then, with your budget and preferences in place, the team will determine which changes will add the most significant value to your church.

4. Creative Design

It’s frustrating when you realize you don’t like a product, process, or design scheme you chose during the construction process.

Value engineering allows you to explore creative, appealing design options within your budget before construction begins so you know you’ll love your building once it’s complete.

The Value Engineering Process

Your church builder should include value engineering during the architect and design phase of your project—while construction plans are still in process.

The earlier you can complete value engineering during your project, the better—you’ll save time, money, and unnecessary frustrations in the long run.

You can expect our professional, reliable design-build construction team to follow these steps during the value engineering process:

1. Collect Information

We learn the site restrictions, transportation issues, and other functional issues surrounding the project and familiarize ourselves with your key objectives.

2. Brainstorm Ideas

We think of every way possible to reach your objectives at the lowest possible cost with the materials and construction methods available.

3. Analyze Solutions

We weed out any ideas that aren’t practical, helpful, or sustainable and move forward with our best few design solutions.

4. Develop Plan

We create a descriptive plan that includes the cost, benefits, and other essential factors you should consider before implementing these changes.

5. Present Report

We share our best recommendations to add value to your church with you, so you can decide which plan to implement into your final church design.

Partner with Churches by Daniels for Reliable Value Engineering Services

Ready to maximize the value of your church construction project? We can help.
Churches by Daniels is a nationally-recognized architect and design-build partner who specializes in value engineering—in fact, we make it a priority for every project!

When you work with us, you’re not just working with an ordinary construction contractor. Instead, you’re collaborating with a:

  • True Ministry Partner—We have a heart for ministry and have helped pastors build worship facilities since 1980.
  • Design-Build Contractor—We handle your building’s design and construction for a cost-effective, timely, hassle-free process.
  • Honest Leader—We’re committed to making every project better than our last one, which is why we debrief after every project to discuss ways we can improve.

Learn more about how value engineering service can help you eliminate unnecessary costs and add value to your church construction project!