See the perks of having an architect & design builder retrofit a commercial building to make the most of your church construction budget.


Are you a new pastor looking for your first church home, or a seasoned pastor searching for the next campus to expand your thriving ministry? If so, don’t overlook church retrofitting—a budget-friendly, hassle-free alternative to new construction.

Contractors who specialize in church retrofitting can transform a vacant space, like a shopping mall, big-box store, or existing worship space, into a beautiful, functional church home that accelerates your ministry vision.

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Explore these benefits of church retrofitting that new construction simply can’t offer:


Retrofitting your church is a wise investment. Instead of taking on millions of dollars in debt to purchase land, permits, materials, and new construction costs, you’ll only have to raise funds for the vacant building and renovation costs.


Transforming a vacant shopping mall into a worship sanctuary won’t look like a traditional church building—and that’s okay! You can take advantage of the unconventional layout to create a multipurpose space or add a café, bookstore, or youth chapel in your worship building.


It’s no secret that church construction can take years to complete. Church renovation usually takes significantly less time to finish, so your congregation can gather in your new worship facility sooner.


As your congregation grows, you may need to sell your building and relocate to a larger church home. You’ll likely find it easier to sell a retrofitted building, like a movie theatre or retail store, to a business owner than a traditional church building to another pastor.


When you fill a vacant space, you create a visual presence in your neighborhood. Use your placement to accelerate your ministry by offering programs, events, or outreach opportunities that benefit the community.

“We are very pleased with the job Churches by Daniels did. They worked hard to keep costs as low as possible, and went beyond expectations in customer service. Many folks in our congregation and pastors from other churches have been impressed with how efficiently our space was used and as a result we feel we’ve been good stewards of our property; we’ve gotten as much use out of our existing space as we could.”

Gyle Smith, Executive Pastor, Believer’s Church, Tulsa, OK

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The Benefits of Choosing CHURCHES BY DANIELS

Churches by Daniels is a nationally-acclaimed church retrofitting contractor, and we specialize in transforming existing structures into beautiful, functional multipurpose worship facilities.

We use the design-build process for a seamless, collaborative church remodeling process so you can enjoy:

  • Teamwork—We coordinate communication between you, the architect, and the construction team to make your project hassle-free.
  • Savings—We manage the design, materials, and labor to keep your project within budget.
  • Timeliness—We anticipate questions you might overlook to keep your project on-track so you can occupy your worship space sooner!

Need more information to be confident about starting your project?

We understand how pastors can feel uncertain when looking into constructing a new building. That’s why the Daniels team compiled two guides to give you an overview of what you need to know.

  • Why hiring a design-builder is in your best interest
  • The secrets to complete your project on time and within budget
  • What you need to know as a pastor and church building committee about acquiring financing to celebrating your big opening day
  • Planning ahead to celebrate your big opening day

“We have had the best experience working with Churches by Daniels. Their knowledge and expertise have brought such ease and peace during the whole process. They are clear, professional, and don’t quit until they get what you see in your mind!”

Pastor Jabin Chavez, City Light Church, Las Vegas, NV

Why Choose Churches By Daniels

Interior of church building after construction management services by Churches by Daniels
Church construction projects can be stressful, costly and time-consuming — but choosing an experienced church construction management company can ease the process, keeping it on schedule and on budget. At Churches by Daniels, our skilled, caring, knowledgeable church construction team will help your church successfully manage your entire construction and building project. From purchasing land and raising funds to negotiating with contractors and handling project oversight, Churches by Daniels delivers top-notch, expert building projects to give yo
  • Superior project results through frequent, detailed quality control measures
  • Fiscally-responsible budget and costs through value engineering measures and national purchasing power
  • Reliable, timely completion by actively managing contractors and driving key decisions that might otherwise hamper construction progress