How to (Legally!) Build a Church in a Residential Area

Although building a contemporary worship facility or expanding your church to a new location is an exciting experience, navigating all the rules and regulations surrounding church construction can also be stressful.  If you’re hoping to build your church in a residential area, you may encounter additional setbacks during the construction process. There’s a lot to […]

Festive Ways to Decorate Your Church with Christmas Lights

Festive Ways to Decorate Your Church with Christmas Lights

It’s no secret that Christmas is quickly approaching. Likely, you and your team are already thinking of creative ways to make this holiday season meaningful and memorable for your congregation. One way to accomplish this goal is with thoughtful, well-placed décor. There’s no shortage of clever ways to decorate for Christmas. However, wreaths, poinsettias, nativity […]

5 Steps to Finding the Right Contractor for Your Church

5 Steps to Finding the Right Contractor for Your Church

Did you know one of the most critical decisions for your church construction project occurs before you lay the foundation? That’s right—choosing your contractor is a crucial decision that can have long-term implications for the welfare of your church.  Unfortunately, many pastors overlook this step and consider options to cut corners to save cash, like […]

9 Ways to Maximize Your Church Space Before Remodeling

Pastoring a rapidly growing church is a rewarding and challenging job. While it’s exciting to have new members in your congregation, it’s also daunting to find enough space in your sanctuary to accommodate everyone comfortably.  Even though remodeling your existing church building or moving to a larger location should be the ultimate plan for expanding […]

How to Decide Whether to Add a New Service or Renovate Your Church

How to Decide Whether to Add a New Service or Renovate Your Church

It’s exciting to watch your congregation grow! However, a rapid increase in church attendance poses a unique problem—a lack of space.    If your current facilities are no longer accommodating your congregation comfortably, you’ve probably considered either adding another church service or expanding your church facilities. Before you take action, it’s important to explore the benefits […]

6 Factors You Shouldn’t Overlook Before Retrofitting a Commercial Building into a Church

Whether you’re searching for your first church home or a new site to accommodate your growing congregation, retrofitting a commercial building into a church facility is an excellent way to expand your ministry.  Church retrofitting is the process of remodeling a commercial building, like a movie theater, big-box store, or shopping mall, into a place […]

8 Signs You Should Renovate Your Church Building

8 Signs You Should Renovate Your Church Building

After the construction of your church was initially completed, it probably felt close to perfect—your furniture was brand-new, your facilities accommodated your congregation perfectly, and your building was modern and attractive.  Unfortunately, all facilities deteriorate over time—including your church building. Some big problems may be more evident to any passersby, and other details may be […]

What to Look for When Hiring a Church Builder for Megachurch Construction

Mega Church Construction

If your congregation is rapidly growing, you may be considering megachurch construction to expand your facilities to maximize your ministry impact. Chances are, you’ve already thought about the incredible opportunities a megachurch would create for your ministry: Large capacity facilities allow your entire congregation to worship together under one roof. State-of-the-art technology creates an engaging […]

4 Benefits of Value Engineering for Church Design-Build Construction

Benefits Of Value Engineering

Church construction is already an expensive endeavor. It shouldn’t be made more costly with unnecessary items, processes, and corrections during construction. If you’re looking for a way to save money, stay within your project timeline, and focus on your priorities for your worship space, invest in value engineering with Churches By Daniels. This collaborative, creative […]

10 Steps of the Construction Process for Your New Church Worship Facility

Steps Of The Construction Process

We know you’re excited to start building your new church facility! But before your project begins, you should understand the critical steps of the construction process, so you can know what to expect. One of the best ways to guarantee a smooth construction process is to hire a reliable, experienced design-builder. When you follow the […]