Fire Protection Checklist for Your Church Building

As stewards of all that God placed under our responsibility, it’s important to use wisdom and precautions in the natural. When it comes to the safety of the people and buildings in which we steward, whether we are pastors or members of the church board or the church building committee, it’s wise to follow the recommendations of professionals, particularly when they are in place to protect people and property.

Prior to beginning your new church construction, take time to learn the common fire hazards and how to avoid them. When your church construction is completed, learn the details about how to conduct annual fire safety meetings with your staff, get an evacuation plan in place, and pass fire safety inspections with your local firefighters.

Here is a fire protection checklist that, when implemented, will provide for the safety of your people and church property in the event of a fire.

What to implement during church construction for fire safety

  1. Building numbers should be big enough to be read from the street because fire department officials need to be able to easily read the signs labeling your buildings.
  2. Follow the requirements for the minimum height of the building numbers to ensure visibility.
  3. Check for proper illumination of emergency exit signs within your building.
  4. Mark fire extinguishers clearly and be sure they are easily accessible.
  5. Clearly mark all electrical control panels.

Get a proactive emergency evacuation plan in place

  1. Create an emergency evacuation plan.
  2. Plan prevention with church staff and each department for emergencies including fires.
  3. Teach all staff members to back up their computers regularly to preserve data in case the unexpected happens.
  4. Hold a fire safety meeting annually with the staff to go over basics like where the extinguishers are located, and what to do in case of a fire.

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Evaluate and eliminate electrical hazard risk

  1. Regularly inspect the church’s electrical components for any deterioration.
  2. Verify electrical switches and outlets have properly secured cover plates.
  3. When electrical maintenance is needed, hire a certified electrician.
  4. When using extension cords for decorative lighting, take them down after the holidays to prevent fires.

Understand that fire protection begins with fire system maintenance

  1. Regularly inspect all smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and sprinklers to verify they are in proper working condition.
  2. Contact your local fire department to define how often your fire system needs to be serviced.
  3. Document all fire system maintenance and save all service records which indicate your fire system is well maintained.

Keep building doors and exits accessible

  1. Keep doors, halls, stairs, and emergency exits free from blockages.
  2. All exit doors should easily open from indoors. Exit doors should only lock from the outside.
  3. Prevent vehicles from blocking the fire department in case of an emergency by enforcing towing in all fire lanes and near fire hydrants.

Implement proper storage

  1. Verify each department of the church stores items only in designated areas.
  2. Keep halls and stairs free from storage of any kind.

Plan for proper waste disposal

  1. Provide appropriate trash receptacles for the building, and be sure they are regularly emptied.
  2. Keep outdoor trash containers at a safe distance from the building.

When it comes to safety, it pays to adhere to the guidelines

A good plan may not prevent disaster, but it will minimize its impact if disaster strikes. The safety we are promised in Psalm 91 always works in conjunction with implementing wisdom, taking precautions, and following the guidelines of officials and fire prevention specialists. When it comes to fire safety, it always pays to submit to the authorities and keep up to date on fire safety equipment.

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