How to Avoid the Surprise of Costly Repairs in Your Church


You’ve built your new church building and feel great about it. You’ve seen many come to Christ and reached out to the community like never before. Your student ministries department is touching more young people than ever, and your heart is full as a result.

Isn’t this what it is all about? Absolutely! But in order to maintain the momentum in fruitfulness, your facility must remain in tip-top shape.

What is obtained needs to be maintained

Now that the work of your building or remodeling project is finished, you are home free in the area of your facility, right? Wrong.

Churches that build, then neglect to systematically set aside funds for items that need to be replaced, can find themselves in a bind financially down the road unless they begin to prepare. Keep in mind that what is obtained must be maintained for the purposes for which it was created to be accomplished. (This principle is also true with our car, our marriage, our work…and every other area of life).

Plan financially for future major repairs

As good stewards of our facilities, we need to think of the future, not just the present. We need to systematically set aside money for major repairs down the road. When we manage and maintain our facilities well, they last longer, and costly items will not need to be replaced as frequently. There are items in church buildings that only last 2-3 years, while others last 10 years or more, so budget for maintenance from the moment your building is finished. Financial reserves for facilities are imperative to build and maintain so they are there when needed in the future.

Delaying the need for new roofing or vertical waterproofing costs you more

Churches that put off the need to replace a roof or attend to vertical waterproofing often find themselves in trouble because the longer they delay attending to these costly items, the more their building decays from the inside out. Don’t be caught off guard, and don’t delay the inevitable need for these two items in particular.

Know the expected life cycle for building elements

Each element of your church building has an expected life cycle. Monitor the condition of your flooring, roofing, air conditioner and heating unit, and your vertical waterproofing. Check contractors and warranties to discover the expected life span of these elements, and stay on schedule in replacing them. If you simply budget for each item in advance, the money will be there when they need replacing.

Top two ways to prepare for major repairs

  1. Budget: set aside funds for major repairs every month.
  2. Preventative maintenance: keep all aspects of the building in good working order and well maintained at all times.

Churches by Daniels’ Three-Step Process

  1. Talk with us and plan your design.
  2. Build what we planned together.
  3. Monitor your building for regular maintenance issues and prepare financially for large ticket items.

In order to relieve overall financial pressure, take sequential steps of good stewardship. Dave Ramsey recommends 6 steps to become a financially healthy church:

  1. Save 3-6 months of operating expenses and set them aside for emergencies.
  2. Pay off all church debt, excluding the building mortgage.
  3. Invest in your staff. Staff shouldn’t have to take a hit financially because they work in the church.
  4. Establish a separate sinking fund for big-ticket building and grounds maintenance expenses.
  5. Pay off the mortgage and lavishly fund your mission.
  6. Set aside a percentage of savings specifically for future needs.

Our organized process of value engineering helps us to eliminate unnecessary costs when we build or remodel your church.

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