What to Look for in a Church Fundraising Consultant for Your New Building


Simplify Church Fundraising

Fundraising is a vital necessity when it comes to growing your church and building a new facility. If you’ve struggled with it in the past, and your vision outweighs your current budget, we’ve got great news: churches are hiring fundraising consultants and getting great results! Pastors can breathe a sigh of relief and delegate fundraising to an experienced professional with strategies that can help launch your ministry forward.

A church fundraising consultant can help you reach your building fundraising goals. Statistics make it clear that fundraising campaigns are more successful with a consultant than without one. Church fundraising consultants bring experience with them to the table and significantly increase the likelihood you’ll meet your fundraising goals.

Their services include:

  • They listen to your vision so they can come alongside you and help you achieve it. Every church construction project has its own unique elements, and there isn’t a “cookie cutter” approach that works when it comes to fundraising for new church construction or renovations.
  • They design and launch a fundraising campaign to create the best opportunity for success.
  • They help you reach your financial goals within a designated time frame. They bring their knowledge and experience to invest in your fundraising goals.
  • They can often engage others—like the part of your congregation that hasn’t participated in fundraising in the past.
  • They help keep forward momentum going with excellent communication with both the leadership and congregation.
  • They lighten the load off the pastor so he can focus on what matters most—caring for the sheep.

Perspective on Fundraising Matters

Fundraising for building projects is a necessity for churches. It takes money to bring your vision to pass, and a fundraising consultant can help you get further faster.

When fundraising, you’re inviting people to sow into a building project that will be used as a tool to touch the lives of people. Literally, eternal destinies will be established within the walls of your new building or renovation project. There’s great reward for investing, and sowing into the harvest of souls that will come in as a result of your new facility.

What to Look for When Hiring a Trusted Fundraising Consultant

As church leaders, it’s no secret that fundraising is necessary, and can be done in-house. It’s been done for many years that way. But the results of hiring a fundraising consultant speak for themselves. Consultants help raise 2-3 times what churches do without outside help. It may feel like a huge step of faith to bring in a fundraising consultant, but when you find the right fit, they can help you immensely.

Before you hire someone, do your research: check their reviews online, ask for references and talk with past clients about their experience with the consultant and the results. Have a meeting with the potential hire, and ask all your questions upfront. Once you choose to merge the consultant onto your team, introduce them to your congregation.

Here are some things to look for in your fundraising consultant:

An experienced church fundraising professional

Find out what types of experience your potential consultant has with churches similar to yours. If you’re a small, mid-sized, or large church, do they have proven solutions to offer when it comes to your expansion and the funds it takes to complete it with excellence? Be sure to find a church fundraising consultant with a track record of success.

A professional who communicates well with you

Face it, a consultant will know your financial goals and priorities, and you need to be comfortable being transparent with them when it comes to not only finances but also strategies they may suggest. Do you have a good flow of communication with the person you desire to hire for the job? It’s essential, so don’t move forward without it.

Someone whose services fit well in your budget

As it is with most industries, you get what you pay for. The fundraiser’s services should help you significantly, and therefore pay for themselves. Checking references will help verify your investment in a fundraising consultant will pay off.

A person who knows how to listen

We have two ears and one mouth, and that’s likely the ratio you should look for in a consultant you’re inviting to fuse onto your team to help you with fundraising. They need to be a good listener so they can hear your vision, your genuine concerns, and come alongside to help. They should demonstrate confidence and humility, and know how to take feedback with grace.

A professional who understands sowing and reaping from a biblical perspective

The fundraising consultant you hire should be someone well-grounded in God’s Word who knows the reward of sowing into God’s Kingdom. Seedtime and harvest is a law, and they should be adept at the principles of sowing and reaping from a biblical perspective.

Can fundraising consultants guarantee success with the campaign? No, but the statistics prove you’ll do better with their help than without it. They bring a skill set to the equation that others don’t have, and it can benefit your vision greatly.

Get Pro Help from a Trusted Fundraising Consultant

Churches by Daniels offers fundraising consulting. We understand the big picture because we’ve built churches for decades, and we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your project—including fundraising.

At Churches by Daniels, we use a single team to handle both the design and construction of your new church building. Problems are prevented by the Design-Build method. You enjoy cost savings because expenses are determined by the budget, not dependent on outside bids.

We’ve received multiple awards for design, construction, management, and renovations. We don’t disappear after building your church, and we stand behind our work. We maintain our relationship with you after your project is complete. Schedule a consultation.