What Does It Take to Build a Church on a Solid Foundation?

Church growth is every pastor’s dream. What pastor wouldn’t want to look out into a packed crowd of people eager to hear about the love of God each Sunday? We can’t think of one! However, with this exciting growth often comes a pressing need for a larger church facility.

If you have a vision for how your facility can better fulfill your ministry, like a larger auditorium or children’s ministry building, but you need some help on the practical side of things, like budgeting, design, construction, and fundraising—collaborating with a trusted design-builder, like Churches by Daniels, is a great place to start in the following process.

1. Find a Reliable Builder

Pastors are trained with several valuable skills, but often, church building is not one of them. This is why having a trained professional who can partner with you through the building process is so worthwhile.

Churches by Daniels can help obtain favor from the government, create a plan, order supplies and materials, and coordinate and accomplish your building project. With over 40 years of church construction experience (and plenty of successful projects to show for it), we allow pastors to do what they do best—minister to the needs of their people—without getting caught up in the logistics of church construction planning, design, and building.

2. Determine the Budget

One of the biggest obstacles pastors encounter during the church-building process is creating and adhering to a realistic budget. 

There are lots of hidden expenses during construction besides the building itself, like utilities, insurance, and property taxes. These items often get left out of the budget, only to come as an unwelcome surprise at a later date.

When you hire a trusted design-builder before creating a budget or starting a project, they can ensure that no stone is left unturned and nothing is guessed or assumed. Every cost will be uncovered and added to the budget, and the budget will be used to guide the design and construction. An experienced church builder can also utilize valuable ways to save money and cut costs (not corners!) using value engineering. Nothing that will not fit within the agreed-upon budget will be done.

These two examples demonstrate how unexpected costs can be eliminated by hiring a church builder before starting the building process:

Land and Property Problems

Think you’ve found the perfect place to expand your church? Sometimes, you’ll need to think again. Often, after closer examination by a civil engineer, issues like flood plains, expansive soil, infrastructure needs, and environmental considerations can make the land unbuildable or require expensive hidden fees to make the land suitable to build on.

City Requirements

City requirements are another overlooked (and costly!) expense to factor into a church construction budget.

During one project we completed, the city required the church to pay to build a street, the utilities underneath (like sewer and water lines), and the streetlights, curbs, gutters, and storm drains. This project alone cost $600,000—$600,000 the church wouldn’t have known to budget if they hadn’t partnered with Churches by Daniels from the beginning!

3. Create a Design

As you can see, a lot of effort is put into creating the budget because the budget drives the rest of the project. However, after the budget is set—the fun begins! 

Churches by Daniels will help identify current problems with the existing space (too small, poor acoustics, lack of classrooms, etc.) and offer design solutions. Then, we’ll create a detailed design that includes the elements we’ve discussed—from building materials to the placement of utilities—and make sure everything is approved before starting the building process.

4. Complete Construction

Once the crucial “behind the scenes” work has been accomplished, from fundraising and budgeting to planning and design, the part you’ve been waiting for finally begins—the construction! 

We provide expert church construction management to ensure streamlined communication, adherence to the budget, and timely completion. We want your church building finished as quickly as possible without cutting any corners so you can use this beautiful, new space you’ve been dreaming about to further your ministry.

What Else Can Churches by Daniels Do to Help the Church Building Process?

Aside from budgeting, design, and building, there are several other ways that Churches by Daniels can help make the church-building process a success.


Often, when a pastor is ready to build or expand the church, the church’s bank account needs to play a little catch-up before the construction can begin. Churches by Daniels can help pastors put together a financing package before meeting with a bank, so the church can obtain funding through a bank or bond program.

Building Campaigns

Churches by Daniels offers fundraising consultations to help you experience confidence in your church-building campaign, borrow less money, and achieve your fundraising goals. We can help determine which campaign is best for your congregation—a capital campaign, pastor-led fundraising, bite-sized fundraising, visual fundraising, or a combination of two or more!


Part of fundraising for a building campaign is helping your congregation envision the church’s future so they might be compelled to contribute financially to the project. Churches by Daniels can create a fly-through video of the entire building so the congregation can see what it will look like—inside and out—before construction begins.

Collaborate with Churches by Daniels: Your Ministry-Minded Partner for Church Design and Construction

Churches by Daniels is called to help pastors and churches walk through the building process and provide a stress-free experience building their new facility.

So, what are you waiting for? Your God-given ministry vision is ready to be fulfilled! Learn more about church construction with Churches by Daniels, and if you have any questions, please reach out to our team directly. We would love to hear from you!