Ways to Facilitate Weeklong Ministry in Your Church Building

Your church already touches so many lives in the community—and you’re only open on Sunday! Imagine the impact you could make if your property were available to the public every day of the week.

If you’re thinking about expanding your church facilities, consider adding these valuable spaces and creative services to facilitate ministry throughout the week and effectively serve the community.

Transform Your Church Spaces into These Weeklong Ministries

Coffee Shop

While coffee shops are a great way to create an additional income stream for your church, they also offer an excellent opportunity to welcome people from your neighborhood into your church who may never otherwise consider visiting a religious venue. 

Your coffee shop can be used to create an inviting atmosphere that welcomes people of all walks of life—from successful business people holding meetings to college students looking for a place to study and connect with others. Coffee shops are a great way to make the church feel inviting, comfortable, and accessible to all generations.


Childcare is in high demand—especially for parents adjusting to working in the office after two years of at-home remote work. 

If you already have classrooms and nurseries equipped for childcare during your weekend services, you can easily convert these rooms into a daycare during the week and hire trained childcare staff members to oversee kids while their parents are at work. 

While this creative idea creates a lucrative income stream for your church, it also provides a solution for parents. It may even offer an on-ramp for these families to become connected with your church’s children’s ministry.

Event Venue

It’s becoming increasingly popular for churches to offer their facilities as an event venue—and for good reason. 

Local event venues offer outstanding value to the community. They also are a great way to invite those who may otherwise never step foot into a church to visit your property for a wedding ceremony, corporate party, fundraising event, memorial service, or reception. While you can offer your property “as is” to renters, investing in desirable upgrades for events is also wise. 

If your church gains popularity as a local venue, you can hire a team of coordinators and event managers to ensure your events run smoothly without draining your staff.

Outdoor Amphitheater

If your church doesn’t have an outdoor amphitheater, adding one is an excellent way to maximize your church’s space to host performances, concerts, and other events. Plus, outdoor venues have seen a recent spike in popularity during the pandemic.

You can use your amphitheater for outdoor worship when the weather is nice or special services, like Easter. However, you can also rent this space to bands and musical artists as a concert venue, to community theater groups for musicals and plays, or to local schools for choir or band performances, bringing thousands of people into your church for every event.


Most churches have classrooms for Bible studies or small groups on Sundays. However, you can also offer these classroom spaces for rent to various business and community members throughout the week, like a community center.

Perhaps an art teacher would like to use a classroom for a private lesson. Maybe a local organization would like to rent a room for CPR training. Or perhaps a local business is looking for a mid-week venue to host a meeting.

Regardless of what your classroom spaces are used for during the week, they’ll surely be an asset to local businesses and individuals in the community.

Storage Space

If your church is located in an up-and-coming area, you likely have people flocking to your city from around the country! 

However, many cities growing in size and popularity face a similar problem—lack of available storage facilities. If your property has extra space, you can rent out storage areas in your church, like sheds, closets, and empty classrooms.

While this is a great way to meet a pressing need, it’s also a helpful way to introduce yourself (and your church!) to newcomers in the community.

Parking Lot

Churches located in highly populated areas may find value in offering their parking lots to local businesses, restaurants, and shops during the workweek.

Commercial Kitchen

If your church also doubles as an event space, it’s likely you also have a decent-sized commercial kitchen. Perhaps you could offer your kitchen as a location for local caterers or culinary students to rent out and use during the week.

Expand Your Church Property with Churches by Daniels 

If you’re inspired to add a coffee shop, outdoor amphitheater, or additional classrooms to your church property, we can help!

Churches by Daniels has been helping pastors build (and expand) their ministry facilities since 1980. Before the construction process begins, we help you sift through easements, zoning regulations, and utility logistics, so you can focus on what matters most—ministry!

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