Vital Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Design-Build Church Construction Team

Gathering top industry professionals to make up your church construction team is vital to the success of your vision. Professionals who utilize the proven design-build method can save you time and money throughout the construction process. This well recognized method brings design and construction professionals together as a unified team. It’s a beneficial choice for pastors and church boards for their new construction or major renovation projects. The design-build process not only lowers costs and timelines, but also decreases miscommunication and unwanted conflict during the process of building a new church facility.

Questions for your potential design-build construction company

When you are ready to interview various design-build companies, it’s important to begin with a series of questions in order to find the best fit for your new construction and renovation needs.

  1. May I see a portfolio of churches you’ve built that are similar to what we plan to build?
  2. May I have several references of churches you’ve worked with recently and contact them?
  3. What types of site assessments are performed prior to beginning church construction?
  4. Which vendors and materials providers do you use most often?
  5. What types of energy-efficient materials do you typically use in your construction projects to help churches save money in the long run?
  6. What is the history of your company?
  7. What are your company’s mission, standards, values, and way of approaching church construction?
  8. How does your company’s values impact your final products?
  9. How close do you generally come to completing projects on time?
  10. What percentage of the time do you stay within budget on church construction projects?
  11. When are you available to start my project?
  12. What types of construction and architectural professionals do you have on your staff?
  13. What types of professionals do you bring alongside your staff to work together on projects?
  14. What is the method you use to communicate with clients throughout the design-build process?
  15. Who is the person or persons I communicate with throughout the build?
  16. What phases make up the design-build process?
  17. How can I do my part to help things move forward without delay throughout the build?
  18. How do your job site supervisors ensure safety on the construction site?
  19. How are your workers trained regarding safety on the construction site?
  20. Tell me about your safety track record on construction sites.
  21. Are you willing to look at future expansions as we plan this current project?
  22. How long have most of your staff members worked for you?
  23. What information do you need from me to get the most accurate bid for the church construction project?
  24. What types of warranties do you offer?

Benefits of Design-Build Delivery Method for Church Construction

The beauty of the design-build system is its ability to adapt to the unexpected challenges that arise during a church construction project. As a result, the construction and delivery speed are notably quicker. Time-saving communication between professionals, as well as fluid and frequent communication with the lead pastor throughout the process prevents problems and accelerates results. Design-build benefits include:

  • Money saving—The design-build method saves money, and commits to work within the budget established early on by the lead pastor.
  • Time saving—The design-build process is super-efficient and well-coordinated. It saves time in the long run due to its structure: architecture and construction professionals under one roof, and seasoned, trusted subcontractors with reliable skills working hard to surpass expectations.
  • Problem preventing—The design-build team and the lead pastor along with the church board are all in this together and unify as a team to reach a common goal. Problems are prevented or solved together because everyone works on the same goal together.
  • Continuity establishing— There is continuity in the design-build delivery method because the same skilled professionals are involved in the project from its beginning to its end. The design-builder is responsible for the whole construction project and ensures continuity throughout the build.
  • Skill utilizing—Design-build church construction firms are experts in both construction and design. Their customers are satisfied with not only final products, but the journey it takes to get there. They utilize the strengths of architects and builders while combining them into one entity, creating the best final products for churches.
  • Guide providing—In the design-build process, the design-builder is an experienced guide who is ready to respectfully act as a trusted guide to church leaders throughout the building program. Relationships are forged between the design-builder and church leadership, providing the best opportunity for pastors to communicate clearly defined goals and vision, and builder to communicate respectful advice and feedback throughout the build.
  • Result producing—Lead pastors and church boards are active participants in the design-build process. Vision is realized as pastors partner with the construction team. When the design-build team collaborates with the pastor, better overall results are produced and enjoyed for years to come.

Churches By Daniels uses the design-build delivery method to provide architectural designs for sanctuaries, educational spaces, church offices, church kitchens, stages, bookstores, church coffee shops, and youth and children’s spaces within the church. We provide detailed designs creating the functional space you need with beautiful aesthetics to enjoy. Our 3D animation renderings, still renderings, and systems integrations—like audio and lighting coordination—combine to make beautiful spaces where your vision can be realized.

Wondering what sets us apart from other builders? The spirit of excellence, integrity, and loyalty to customers are just a few of the qualities that make Churches by Daniels different from other church construction companies. Our passion to work with churches to accomplish their vision makes working together a joy as desires for a new church building becomes reality. As Nehemiah 2:18 says, “Let us rise up and build.” Learn more about our design-build process, and call Churches by Daniels today.