Utilities & City Projects During Church Construction


The first thing a civil engineer will do is he or she will look to see if you have utilities to your property. They will look at the gas, water, power, sewer and they may be far away or really close from the water but you need to add the cost to the property. You will need to look at that and add that cost to the property of running the water line to your property. Even if you use well water you will have to build a water line to connect to your property. It can get very expensive. The best thing to do is to be near your course.

City Projects

A lot of properties we will call “city projects” because you will need to widen the street or add a sidewalk. You may have to add a water line that is not yours and you will have to pay for it. All of that come sunder the cities jurisdiction that you pay for and it is required.

Retention & Detention

If you buy a piece a property you don’t want people to do anything to mess with your property. This is retention & detention. They want you to retain the rainwater on your site. When you put in a parking lot it is not like raining on the grass. When it is coming off the parking lot or roof it is coming off really fast and adds the water in the flood stream that can affect people down stream. It could flood their properties. Retention will slow down the water and cause less flooding. There is a cost to it.

Churches By Daniels

This is why you hire a civil engineer so that you know things that need to be taken care of with your church construction project and they can help you with the pricing and the correct way to handle the situation. Call us today!