Two Things to Avoid in Planning Your Church Construction Project

Buildings are tools. They are spaces in which we walk out our God-given vision and reach people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our ministry goals, congregation, outreach, and heart for youth and children are all reflected in the place we gather together—our church building. Its design should be consistent with our church culture and vision. It should “fit” the people it serves.

As church leaders, there are a myriad of elements to consider when planning and designing a church building project. Decision makers weigh many factors when planning church construction projects—from size, shape, and space configuration—to style, ministry purpose, function, and budget considerations. Building project choices influence congregations for decades, so it is wise to think long-term when planning.

Before settling on the specifics of a new building, consider a few lessons other churches have learned, like the following:

Avoid Trendy Choices

Trendy buildings eventually go out of style. Realize that yielding to the pressure to design a trendy building limits that building’s contemporary relevance to the decade in which it was constructed. What is “in” today is “out” tomorrow, so consider steering clear of trendy building features and faddish architectural styles.

Life Church has found great success in building multiple campuses with practical, no-frills, functional space in which to gather for services. Their down-to-earth approach to church facilities has proven effective, and their streamlined efforts display focus and purpose. Their strategy and vision are fruitful and practical—as well as budget friendly!

Church dynamics and demographics change over the decades, and as they do, the church’s facility often changes along with them. When building projects steer clear of trendy styles, the church more easily remains useful for decades and is positioned to be easily repurposed as things change within a church body.

Trends change, styles change, and church leaders who give in to the pressure to do what’s popular end up with structures that fade out of fashion and no longer facilitate their goals. So, resist the pressure to conform to what is trendy. Instead, design a structure that will serve your church family’s needs for decades to come. While planning a church building project, avoid fads and plan for the future.

Avoid Stagnant Thinking

Facility needs may change a decade or two after a building is constructed. Many leaders think their church building is a lasting, unchanging picture of their congregation. But congregations are made up of people, and therefore change is inevitable. Church members grow old, they move, and they fluctuate.

People relocate, but buildings don’t. So, think realistically when planning your church building project. Before investing heavily in a new facility, consider how your church’s needs may change over a couple of decades, and build with that in mind. Think of what will give your space flexibility for years to come, and wisely implement plans with options for the future in mind.

Decades from now, you will be thankful for every bit of research, foresight, and wisdom you applied in planning wisely for your new building.

Get Inspired by Browsing Church Building Project Portfolios

Check out our Church Building Project Portfolios. From our high-tech remodel of Asbury First United Methodist Church in Tulsa, to Kirk Crossing Community Church’s new construction, you’re sure to find styles and features that will benefit your congregation for years to come.

The Asbury remodel is the perfect example of incorporating traditional as well as modern design elements along with LED lighting and high definition screens, creating an exciting environment for services. Their staff now develops custom graphics, and the congregation enjoys viewing them in the sanctuary’s panoramic display.

In contrast, the totally new from the ground up construction Churches by Daniels completed at Jenks’ Kirk Crossing Community Church displays a fresh, adaptable style in its twenty-two acre subdivision with new city streets and infrastructure. Its worship area, fellowship space, café, classrooms, nursery, indoor play space, and children’s worship area display countless flexible options, with its removable chairs and diversity of possibilities built into its plan.

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