Tips for Pastors on New Church Construction

As you know, people make up churches. The very fabric of their lives intertwine as they gather together with one purpose—to worship God. People are the priority in a church, but in all practicality, a place is necessary to facilitate church gatherings. A church must be built in the right location with unique features to accomplish the God-given vision.

Young churches may need to restructure, remodel, or repurpose existing facilities before planning to take on a new church construction project. But when the time comes to build a new facility, begin by formulating a master plan for the overall project. The following are some tips to consider while framing the plan.


When you build is as important as what you build. Timing matters—so approach your building project both prayerfully and practically. There is no need to rush initiating new church construction. Truly, as Proverbs 19:2 (God’s Word Translation) says, “A person in a hurry makes mistakes.” So, resist the temptation to rush, do the necessary preparation work, and take deliberate steps toward your goal.


Clearly define the purpose for which you desire to build. Vision and purpose propel progress and keep you steady when obstacles arise. Vision also helps unite the congregation behind the cause and gives them the opportunity to be part of the corporate goal and contribute to its success. It gives them a sense of ownership—and an opportunity to make a difference and do something together much greater than they could do apart.


When preparing to build a new facility, plan for not only the overall budget for the build, but also its continued maintenance. Realize that preparations need to be made not only for hard costs like brick and mortar, but also soft costs like furnishings and fixtures. To keep from creating unnecessary strain financially, count the cost before beginning. And be realistic. Your church’s financial preparation for the new building is foundational.


Surround yourself with professionals you trust to direct you in the optimal choices to accomplish your vision. Reputation is everything in the construction business, so ask for references, tour church buildings, and research options before signing on the dotted line. The team of professionals you partner with directly impacts your building material choices and final outcome, so take your time, and choose wisely.


It’s worth asking some pragmatic questions before taking on a building project. Does the church have debt that needs to be addressed prior to initiating new construction? Is a new facility the answer to space issues, or are multiple services in the existing facility something that should be considered first? How large should church membership be before expanding and building?


Proverbs 22:7 NKJV says clearly, “The borrower is servant to the lender.” So weigh carefully and prayerfully if it is best for you to delay building and do it debt free, or if your congregation should take on a loan to build. There is no car that drives like a paid-for car, and likewise, there is no church building like a paid-for church building. Steer clear of extreme debt in order to sidestep the risk of extreme stress for years to come. Isn’t it worth waiting until you are truly financially ready to build—to keep your operating expenses fluid for years to come—as well as missions and outreach work unstrained?


Consider the unique aspects of your church body and what style best suits your church’s personality and culture. Think about elements you perceive must be included to accomplish your vision and purpose. Remember, trendy may be cool now, but trends change. Years from now, trends will be replaced, so think about how the style will serve the purpose not only now, but also a decade or two from now.

There is much to be considered before beginning to build. Churches by Daniels is here to help you navigate the choices and outcomes of your decisions and bring your dreams within reach so you can serve those God has called you to serve in a building that speaks excellence at every turn. To discover how pleased other pastors are with the spirit of excellence Churches by Daniels exhibits, check out these testimonies. Our awards and affiliations speak for themselves. Call Churches by Daniels today at 918-872-6006 and allow us to help you build and express your church’s dynamics in a creative way that invites church members to experience God.