Things You Need To Know About Metal Buildings

Wall Loads

Not all metal building are the same or can made be to look like a church. There are a lot of metal building companies out there. The questions to ask yourself is, “Do you know enough abut the metal building to buy the right metal building and have those loads?” You can buy a metal building and think you will put brick on it when you are ready, but when you put the brick on it and the walls start falling off because the wall loads were not sufficient. We see this all the time. We want to make sure that when we see a building the wall loads are sufficient for the brick. We want your church construction to go as easy as possible.


You are going to have to sit air conditioners on the roof, most likely. Those air conditioning loads needs to be in the right spot and need to be engineered correctly. You cannot just buy a building, make a hole, and stick an air conditioning in it. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to add air conditioning units.


You need to have pinpoints for the lights and speakers that hang. These things weigh a lot and they will pull your roof down. We need to make sire that when you are buying a metal building, it is strong enough to hold up whatever you are going to need on the inside.

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