Pastor Ryan Lamberson

Pastor Ryan Lamberson

I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies over the last 20 years of ministry. There are very few that stand out that I’d want to do repeat business with and even fewer that I would recommend to other churches to use. Churches by Daniels is a company that checks both these boxes. As an executive pastor for many years of a growing mega-church, I can count on a few fingers the companies that made impact on the church I helped lead like Churches by Daniels did.

Great Management

The first project we did was nearly a 13-million-dollar project that was around 45,000 sqft. We had a church to sell and had gone from two to three Sunday services all while building our first building. To say we had a lot going on is a big understatement. I was nervous and green when it came to taking on this first building project. The superintendent assigned to our project was incredibly patient and kind enough to educate me every step along the way. He honestly treated me better than I deserved as a young, stressed, and impatient twenty-something-year-old. It was such a great experience! Through our superintendents’ help along with the Daniel’s team we were able to balance growing the church and a building project at the same time. The result was the church experiencing the greatest year in its history up until that point. We sold our old building, went to three services, and saw an increase of 1,000 people in our Sunday attendance during the grand opening. All of this was possible because of Churches by Daniel’s managing our project with such excellence.

Repeat Business

After we completed our first project with Daniels’ it was in a matter of a few short years that we started discussing plans for our next project as a result of the growth we continued to see. There wasn’t a doubt that we would use Daniel’s again. My only concern was would I get a superintendent for this project as good as the first one. I thought to myself it was going to be really hard to match the great experience. After meeting our new project superintendent and beginning working with him I was amazed. He was the perfect fit and personality that the church needed and I needed. With both projects, I genuinely felt like I not only had the privilege of getting to work with such high capacity people, but also gained new friends through the process.

Relational vs. Transactional

When you do a building project no matter the size or budget you have one big question.. “ Can I trust the company we hired to do the job and do it well?” Right from the beginning Churches by Daniel’s team made our project feel like they were a part of our mission and were in our corner. On both projects you could really see how the building they were building was more than a transaction for them, but it was about developing a relationship so that together we could build something significant for God’s Kingdom. To this day I still have a great relationship with multiple people on the Daniel’s team. When I call they answer and serve in any way they can.

Fight For Your Church

One of the things I appreciate the most about working with Daniel’s is how they fight for your church to keep you on time and on budget. One both projects they found ways to save us money which positioned us to be able to make strategic purchases that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. On our second project alone they found a way to save us over a million dollars on our HVAC for the project. We were simply amazed that they cared about our money and helped us save as if it was their own. You just don’t see that these days from any kind of business.

Unique Understanding of Churches

Lastly, Churches by Daniels get’s church because they’ve built so many. Many contractors out there will tell you that they understand your church’s needs and the truth is they don’t. They don’t understand why you need bigger hallways, why you need more parking, why you need more restrooms etc. They don’t understand because they’ve likely done a few churches over the years. Daniel’s gets it because it’s their specialty which helps you get a much better building and many times helps you solve problems along the way that normal contractors wouldn’t understand or care about. Quite possibly the thing they understand the most is what churches do counts for eternity. Their heart for serving churches, pastors, and staff shows how much they truly understand how their business is more than business. It’s a ministry.