Take the Drab Out of Church Debt Reduction Campaigns

Campaigns For Church Debt ReductionWhile some people might find campaigns to be a fun time, that’s not typically the case for churches and pastors looking to launch a debt reduction capital campaign. A debt reduction campaign is often more difficult to raise money for because those ‘giving’ aren’t ‘receiving’ anything, such as a new place for kids to play or worship.

A debt reduction campaign is a great way to lower debt, obviously, but with a properly planned and implemented campaign you can also reap the following four benefits:

Help Others Embrace the Vision of Your Church

The vision of the Church should always be the main focus in a campaign. With a debt reduction campaign you can help others see the vision God has given your Church. Come up with ways to get creative to display this vision so that givers understand exactly what they’re ‘giving’ for.

Support Existing or Future Ministries with the Freed-Up Funds

Due to the economy troubles over the last several years there are many churches struggling to meet their financial needs. However, when you properly execute your campaign the giving numbers should raise, freeing up cash that can be used for ministry, instead of mortgage payments.

Fund the Church’s Special Projects

Should you have a special project that needs funding, maybe now is the time to start raising that money. It might be a renovation project for the Church, a unique mission project or something else; cash offerings during your debt reduction campaign just might be the best opportunity. It’s not uncommon to delay special project funding during economy struggles or the Church’s high debt.

Get in a Position to Fund Larger, Future Projects

Churches commonly expand over time as their membership grows and they need more room for parishioners. Unfortunately, some debt is bound to occur when implementing such projects. It’s hard to find financing through a bank due to recent changes in the industry. With that said, if your debt reduction campaign is short term you can get in a position to obtain the funding needed for future projects.

As always, Churches by Daniels is ready to help you with both construction and raising finances for that construction. Please contact us for information!