Six Elements to Ensure a Successful Church Building Project

In many churches, a completed building campaign can result in additional problems rather than opportunities. Church leaders often hope that a physical expansion will serve as the answer to issues like shrinking attendance. But in the end, some building projects only add to the disillusionment — and debt — while doing nothing to create positive, forward momentum.

How can you help ensure that your construction venture will have a positive impact on the future of your church? Consider these six critical elements for a successful church building project.

Prayerful Consideration

Prior to making the decision to build, congregations with successful church construction projects spend time in spiritual contemplation. The period of prayer should occur before the church commits to a project.

A Clearly Articulated Need

Before successful churches begin raising the first dime for a construction project, leaders make sure the need has been clearly expressed. New or expanded facilities should serve as a means to an end rather than as the end itself. A clear focus is critical for ensuring that the expansion will serve the larger goals of the church.

A Valued Partner

Successful church construction projects include a design-build firm that serves as a trusted partner. More than simply a construction company or architect, an experienced design-build firm assists with clearly articulating the ministry-related need for the project.

A Commitment from the Pastor

Pastors of churches with successful building projects are 100-percent behind the effort. In some cases, pastors may feel pressured to go along because powerful congregation members want a project completed. But the outcome may be negative if the pastor is not fully committed.

Support from Key Leaders

Influential lay leaders in the congregation also must support the project. In addition to financial contributions, a successful project requires that church leaders understand and advocate for the overarching goals.

Repeated Communication of the Vision

In churches with fruitful church building projects, the ministry vision and purpose are communicated frequently to congregation members. Leaders continually remind church members that the vision for the project is not simply a finished building. Rather, the goal is achievement of the spiritual mission and ministry behind the construction project.

Church building projects require significant use of the financial, ministerial and time resources of a congregation. Projects started on a poor foundation can result in serious problems down the road. But with the right vision, guidance and planning, a construction project can bring great success in furthering a church’s mission. For assistance with making your project a success, please contact Churches by Daniels at (918) 872-6006.