Churches by Daniels faces a unique design-build concept while renovating this Woodbridge 174,000 sq.ft mall into a house of worship.

A Big, Unique Project Brings Spectacular Results

Location: Woodbridge, VA
Project: Remodel Existing Mall into new Worship Facility

Woodbridge, VA – 174,000 sq.ft. This new Worship Facility will consist of a 5,000-seat Sanctuary, Gymnatorium, and Educational Classrooms. The front two-story Atrium space, designed as a mall, will be frequently utilized by the Church to host Workshops and Conventions. Commercial spaces, such as Cafés, Coffee Shops, and Bookstores, will be located within the public pathways. To utilize the natural contours of the land, a partial parking garage was created at the lower level of the complex which will help to reduce excavation costs.The facility is a traditional styled structure. The glass front will create an inviting facility. Public entryways will be visibly defined. High ceiling walls will be used to create a spiritual, almost celestial presence in the worship space.


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