Churches by Daniels renovates Kennewick’s two-story Garden Christian Assembly Church, enhancing the space and updating the style with their build-design services.

Enhancing Each Unique Space of this Two-Story Facility

Location: Kennewick, WA
Project: Church Building Renovation

The church wanted a design style that was modern and industrial, to meet the needs of their congregation.

The main auditorium is designed as a multipurpose, flexible space with 923 seats that are on the floor plus the balcony. The main gathering space also serves as the fellowship hall and coffee shop. The coffee shop will have a fireplace, tables and chairs that is envisioned to be open during the weekend and throughout the week. The first floor of the education wing will house the church offices, nursery and children’s classrooms.

The second floor of the education wing will be the youth center with a lounge space with room for games and coffee bar, along with a youth worship auditorium. The site is designed to have an outdoor patio/fellowship space with an amphitheater. A softball field is also planned for the site.


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