Light It Up! Tips on Choosing Lighting for Your Church Facility

Today’s church construction embraces technology as a tool to express artistic design and enhance church services. When choosing lighting for your church construction project or church remodel, there are a variety of elements to take into consideration in order to obtain your desired result. Church lighting is a creative, efficient and cost effective means to enhance the overall church experience, and you church design specialist is here to help you. Church lighting has changed from simple fixtures to moving lights focused remotely that can mix colors and require sophisticated lighting desks to control them.

Lighting design affects the overall ambiance of your church; it is a creative art form designed to enhance the experience in worship, holiday events and most of all—the message. Lighting design includes stage lighting, sanctuary lighting, halls, children’s classrooms, offices, restroom facilities and church lobbies.

Choose your cohesive esthetic design and match a family of light fixtures to it, then add movable lights for the stage area. Throughout the process of choosing lighting, take time to visit other places that have the types of lighting you desire. Rather than just reading about various lighting options, ask for demonstrations, go to locations you can see them in action, and get a realistic view of the products.

Rather than just shopping for lighting fixtures, keep your goals in mind for the light’s purpose. Power and data distribution over the platform and congregation are a critical part of the equation. Talk with other churches about what works for them, and keep in mind you will save money if you plan ahead for add-on features. Realize that in general, a flexible infrastructure supports controllable light in multiple locations in the sanctuary. Here are a few things to consider when it’s time to begin your church lighting design:

Energy efficient bulb choices

Determine what types of light bulbs are needed to achieve your desired result. Popular bulbs like LED, HID and Fluorescent work well as primary means of church lighting. How bright should the sanctuary be? If your congregation is older, it is generally recommended you have a brighter sanctuary. Younger congregations are perfectly satisfied with dimmer places of worship.

LED takes the lead

LED shines as the popular choice above other luminaries because of its improved output, budget friendly price and low maintenance features. New church construction projects often choose LED lights not only for the present, but also the future. Almost all LED luminaries have built-in dimming and color controls. Energy efficient LED lighting solutions are available for your church’s new construction project. And refurbishing existing fixtures with LEDs are a great way to go for your church remodel.

Fixture choices

While fixture choice is important, a fixture’s function is even more important. Don’t get caught up picking out great looking fixtures without verifying they will meet the lighting needs of your church. When it’s time to choose light fixtures, decide on a few basics first: Are you looking for contemporary fixtures or traditional ones? Do you prefer canned lighting or lighting fixtures for the sanctuary? Would you prefer a combination of canned and fixtures for your church’s lighting? Check out Craft Metal Products Inc. for some great church lighting fixture options from a reputable supplier.

Lighting locations

Lighting design includes not only bulb choices and fixture choices, but also the right location for movable lighting, fixtures and canned lighting. In order to obtain a uniform level of illumination throughout the space, correct fixture placing must be determined. Fixture hang height and ceiling height affect light distribution and the overall ambiance of the room.

Church leaders who take on church construction projects know how important it is to find a trusted guide, gather information on options, and together make informed choices. From purchasing land to designing and building a sanctuary, each choice builds into the framework of the final product, and Churches by Daniels is here to help you every step of the way.

Churches by Daniels offers church construction management services that oversee your church construction project from concept to completion. From land purchases and fund raising to negotiating with contractors, we deliver quality in a timely manner and budget-friendly fashion.

Additionally, we work with church architects during the planning and design phase to facilitate quality end results at a lower cost. Check out our portfolio of church construction projects we have completed all over the United States.

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