Is your parking adequate?

For a church that is getting ready to buy a piece a property but there is not a lot built around them, just a bunch of empty land, what do you need to look for? You need to go to the city and see what they are planning for those areas. There could be new roads and highways that are planning to come in. You can see when these expansions are coming because they will plan them 2-3 years in advance. You need to determine where God is calling your church to be. But you need to know your surroundings so you can make it easiest for your congregation to come and leave.

Parking is Important

Parking is very important with churches. Some people go into an area where there is already parking established and that can be a huge benefit. Churches who want to buy a big box or a strip center need to consider parking before you buy the building. You need adequate parking. If your church sits 300 parking but you don’t have parking for 300 people, then you will see people leave.
To figure this out, count all of your people in your church and then go count the cars in your parking lot. This will let you see the ratio for people per car.

Buying Buildings

Some churches don’t want to start from scratch so they will buy an already used building. Here are some things you need to look for.

  1. Parking
  2. Loads
  3. Do you have enough loads to carry AV equipment?
  4. Columns

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