How Can We Help?

Charlie Daniels believes he is called of God to serve pastors and churches. He never looks at what he does as a job, it’s his ministry. His staff feels the same way. It’s the goal of Charlie and his team to help pastors have a successful building project from beginning to end.

Churches by Daniels doesn’t just bring construction experience to the table. They also bring ministry experience. They understand pastors and know what ministry is all about.

Charlie grew up in a pastor’s home. Several people on his management team have either been pastors or are currently serving as a pastor. Because they have been involved in ministry and have served in ministry on staff levels, they understand the challenges that are unique to churches. They are well qualified to coach and help pastors, staffs, and building committees to make the right decisions and move in the right direction to make their building project successful.

Charlie and his team go way beyond what any construction management company, general contractor, or design/build firm normally do for their clients.

Here are some areas where Churches by Daniels helps churches beyond the bricks and mortar of building:

1. Funding

Sometimes a pastor approaches Churches by Daniels ready to build. But after talking with them, it is apparent that they are far from having their financial house in order. Charlie’s team will work with the pastor and develop the steps he needs to take before approaching a bank for a loan. Once they are ready to meet with the bank, Churches by Daniels will help the pastor put together a financing package so the church looks good on paper.

If the church decides to obtain their funding through a bond program, Charlie’s team can help with that as well.

2. Capital Campaigns

After sitting down with a pastor and going over the church’s financial records, Charlie’s team can give a pastor a ballpark figure of how much he can expect to raise from a capital campaign. If the pastor has no idea where to start, Churches by Daniels has partners that can help him set up a capital campaign.

3. Presentations

Before dirt is ever moved, Churches by Daniels provides a fly-through video of the entire building so the church congregation can see what the building will look like inside and out. If the pastor feels it will be beneficial, one of the Churches by Daniels management team can talk to the congregation about the building process.

4. Leadership Tools

The most successful building projects are the ones where the pastor is able to drive the vision of the building program in his church. If the pastor feels he needs help in better sharing the vision, Churches by Daniels has leadership tools they will give the pastor to help do this.

5. Video Conferencing Equipment

Churches by Daniels is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, but they build churches across the 48 contiguous states. Once a church has commissioned them, modern technology enables them to hold meetings through video conferencing, Skype, and conference calls. However, if the church doesn’t have video conference equipment, Churches by Daniels will put that equipment in the church board room during the course of the construction project.

Churches by Daniels is called to help pastors and churches walk through the building process. They have many resources at their disposal they use to help the pastor have a stress-free experience building their new facility. Because many pastors have had such a great experience with Churches by Daniels, they call them back to complete Phase 2 and Phase 3 of their building project.

Even if Charlie doesn’t build the facility for a pastor, he still wants to help in any way. If a pastor would like someone to review his contract or if he just has questions about the building process and how to get started, Charlie and his team are glad for the opportunity to help.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to build or renovate your existing facility, or if you just need some advice, give Churches by Daniels a call at 918-872-6006, or click here to request more information. They are ready to serve you and help guide you through your building project.