How to Help Others Connect and Participate in Your Next Church Giving Campaign

A church is like a family, and just as a family needs a building—or home—in which to connect, so a church needs a building—or church home—in which to meet. The church building and campus is the central hub for all church activities and functions. It is paramount to create a church culture that is relevant to its members, and that culture is reflected in the building in which a church family gathers.

Perhaps it is time to build your sanctuary or another building on your church’s campus, or maybe it is time to remodel or reassign a portion of your existing building to better meet the needs of the congregation and community. Perhaps you’ve preached on the blessings of sowing from
2 Corinthians 9:6–10, and offerings from Malachi 3:8–12, and the church body is truly inspired to give to the work of the Lord and expansion of the vision. Now it’s time to communicate the details so people have something to grasp in their hearts and minds; it’s time to give them something tangible in which to connect and participate. Help people understand the what, when, where and why of your building project so they have something concrete in which to connect and play a part.

1. The purpose of the building project: People need to understand the building’s purpose, function and use. Are you building a new sanctuary to accommodate new growth? Are you expanding your existing building to provide space to fellowship and grow as a church community? Are you remodeling the student ministries department to provide relevant and fresh surroundings for today’s children and youth?

2. The financial bottom line: People need to understand the bottom line of what it will take to complete the project financially. Include all the FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment) costs as well as the price of the actual building in the total bottom line number. We all understand it takes money to build, and people connect when they know what is needed and where the church is in accomplishing that number.

3. Where the building fits in the plan for the overall church campus: People connect with what they understand. It’s important to clearly communicate not only the vision for the current project, but also how it fits into your overall plan for the campus for years to come. How does this project fit into the long-term strategy and plan for your church’s future? Communicate simply and clearly and state the overall systematic plan, and people will connect with that plan.

4. Minimum financial need: People connect with simple, well-stated financial goals. Make it clear to your church family what it is the church needs to begin the project and how things will progress from there financially. Do you plan to raise 50% of the budget needed to build the new construction or remodel before you begin? Will you build in segments at a pace parallel to the raising of funds so you can build debt-free? Do you plan to borrow a certain amount of money once a particular percentage of the funds are raised? State the plan clearly and stick with it.

People participate when they understand the process, so the clearer you lay it out, the better. And setting the target publicly helps the congregation share the sense of urgency and encourages their participation.

5. Celebrate not only the final result, but also incremental victories: Perhaps you are raising money for the remodeling of your current sanctuary. Consider first raising money for the upgrading of one section—like the media, carpeting, pews, wall color, lighting or fellowship hall. Once an area is completed, create visual “completed” images so people can connect with the success and celebrate what has been accomplished in the overall process.

6. Provide a variety of giving options for the church’s convenience: Everyone has a preferred method of giving, so it’s helpful to offer your church family the widest possible variety of donation options. Are you set up to accommodate giving by text, traditional giving by envelopes, credit and debit card giving as well as online giving?

It is a victorious journey to work together with your congregation to build a new facility. Your clearly communicated vision, building purpose, financial bottom line, minimal financial need to begin building, incremental victories, plan for your church’s campus and variety of giving options will help the congregation stay connected and participate in the building process. Enjoy the journey!

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