Fundraising: Building an Ownership Mentality for Your Church Construction Project

Typically, the more involved people are, the more ownership they take in a church building project and the more fruitful the outcome. But how do we creatively get church members and employees involved in the church construction project? Enter fundraising efforts.

Building an Ownership Mentality Through Fundraising

When people donate funds toward a church construction project, they invest out of their very substance; the fruit of their hard work at their job is willingly sown as a seed with an eternal harvest in mind. People understand that the building isn’t the end of the journey; it’s just the vehicle by which we enlarge the Kingdom of God. It’s the location in which lives are restored, bodies are healed, and marriages are put back together. It’s the space in which fellowship enriches lives, and new friendships are forged. It’s where the Word of God is imparted to young, old, and middle-aged people alike. And it’s worth donating to!

The more people get involved, the more ownership they take of the new church construction project. The more ownership they take in construction or remodeling, the greater their involvement once the project is completed. The church is a place to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. It’s not a spectator sport. It’s a community focused on individual participation for group results.

Fundraising gives people an opportunity to be part of something much bigger than themselves. Some think their “little donation” won’t do much. But when many little donations come together, something wonderful happens: buildings get built and people’s lives are changed as a result.

Fundraising is much more than just taking up offerings. Fundraising is a work of the heart. Where your treasure (time, money) is, there will your heart be also. When people give of their time and money, their heart follows their giving. When they’ve invested into what they care about, they’re satisfied and fulfilled as a result.

It takes faith to sow seed into a church building project. Receiving offerings for your church building project gives each church member the opportunity to act in faith with financial seed. When fundraising is approached biblically, it creates a partnership between the ministry and those they serve. Keep these simple truths before you as you fundraise for your vision:

1. It takes faith to sow seed

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, so increase your congregation’s faith for seedtime and harvest by teaching about it intentionally from the platform.

2. It takes humility to give others the opportunity to sow

We are the Body of Christ, and none of us can fulfill our callings alone. It takes humility to reach out to other members of the Body and give them an opportunity to be part of what we are doing in our building project. Humble yourself and watch what happens as a result.

3. It takes vision to accomplish the dream

Wait on God for the specific vision for your new church building project before beginning its design or planning stage. Once the vision is clear, write it down and then share it with your church congregation.

Make the vision easy to understand and easy for others to rally around. If possible, paint the vision statement in clear view on the wall in a foyer of your current church building. Keep it before you and your congregation. Simplify the vision into clearly defined goals, then line the goals up single file and tackle one at a time.

4. It takes people to fund the vision

Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, and shaken together shall men give… Men and women are the ones who give finances into the vision. And the vision is realized when a team of people get behind it with their giving.

How to Involve Every Generation in Church Fundraising

Building an ownership mentality for your church construction project is done when every member of the congregation is drawn into the fundraising efforts. Their hearts will follow their giving, so give them plenty of opportunities to sow.

1. Kids

Participation in the vision helps kids take ownership of the church construction project. Generate enthusiasm by designing creative fundraising projects for kids. Something as simple as a contest to see which children’s age group can raise the most funds for the church construction project can generate a lot of heart and produce great results.

2. Youth

The power of youth is in their boundless energy and zeal. Harness the zeal of your youth and send them out to gather unwanted items from their neighbors, so they can host a churchwide garage sale and give all proceeds to the church construction project. The youth will surprise you with their motivation. They will enjoy the journey as they work for a cause and come together with other youth to create forward momentum in fundraising.

3. Adults

Challenge adults to give beyond their normal offerings for the church construction project. Teach adults to use their faith for seed to sow, and for bonuses at work, raises, and promotions on the job. Help them adopt an “others” mentality where they realize they are giving into a cause that will help people come to Christ for years to come.

4. Seniors

Just because someone is retired doesn’t mean they are off the hook when it comes to fundraising. Seniors can come up with creative income producing ideas to bring in money beyond their regular income in order to give to the church construction project. Invite seniors to host a bake sale or craft fair with their homemade goodies as a fundraiser.

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