Easements, Zoning, & City Regulations

What Are Easements?

Easements are how far you set back from the street. If the gas line is running across your property, you have to have checked the easement. If the gas line is running across your company, you cannot build on top of their easement. Sometimes you can go to the organization, a gas company, and have it removes if there isn’t a gas line there. Churches By Daniels went out to check out a piece of property for a church and it was covered with gas lines, so there was no way to build a large project on it. It is not uncommon to have a beautiful site and you are not able to build because of the easements on the property.


Zoning is just city regulations on what they want on that piece of property. It may be zoned for residential or industrial. It is really important to know that you can build there, but you might not want cement trucks next to you all the time. You might buy a piece of property and get a really good deal and then have a manufacturing company come in and have more dust than you can handle.

City Regulations

City Regulations are everywhere. There all types of fees and you need to have close contact with the city regulations. You need to go and talk to the city regulations early. As soon as we start dealing with plans and work, we start talking to the city to see why things can and cannot work.

Churches By Daniels

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