Design Your Church To Create a Connection

Connectedness—we all desire it to one degree or another. And a church community should foster connection for not only first-time visitors but also long-time church members. Acts 2:42 says, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” The early church gave a clear example of the value of connectedness as a congregation.

As we make decisions about church design elements, let’s keep in mind the value of connection for each member. Visual connections impact each person’s church experience from the minute they approach the building until they depart. The seating layout is only one of the many design elements that impact community. Here are some ideas to consider as you prioritize design elements to create connection:

1. Connection begins visually with the new church construction’s master plan.

It’s critical for people to see the church from the street, and a few things help people get acclimated to the church, such as:

  • Seeing the church building from the road—easily
  • Identifying the entry drive—simply
  • Observing the church’s entrance—from the parking lot
  • Noticing the building’s open architecture—a perfect space for connection with others
  • Approaching the welcoming entrance—a lively interactive space for the church community

2. Connections continue with the church’s well designed and functional lobby.

When visitors or members enter your doors from the outside, your lobby sets the tone for their experience. Be sure you include the essentials in your church lobby so people see for themselves how easy it is to connect with others, volunteer, and participate in the activities you offer—from the moment they step into your building. Great lobbies include:

  • A helpful information booth—with friendly, knowledgeable volunteers.
  • A space to connect—a café is the perfect built-in space in which to relax and connect with others regularly—on the way into and out of church services.
  • A clear vision—your church foyer is a great place to communicate your vision so others are exposed to it as they enter and exit your services.
  • A welcoming environment—the colors you choose for flooring and walls as well as the décor all add up to a welcoming foyer environment where people want to be.
  • An atmosphere of excellence—realize your church foyer sets the tone for the whole church experience, so keep it simple in design, and once it is built, keep it thoroughly clean.
  • A place to celebrate victories—visual images of church service projects, missions trips, and disaster relief work inspire members to reach out and give to those in need.

3. Visual elements help visitors navigating their way around easily.

It’s a relief to many visitors when you provide ample visual cues to help them find their way to the various locations they need to get to before they enter your sanctuary. Be sure to adequately mark the following so visitors can navigate their way through your new church building easily:

  • Nursery check-in area
  • Elementary check-in area
  • Youth drop-off area
  • Restrooms

4. A clearly designed entrance to your sanctuary invites people to enter.

Your church auditorium is holy ground where lives are changed in the presence of the Lord, and there are several design elements to include that help church members and visitors connect in worship as well as while the Word is being preached. These include:

A projector screen easily seen from any seat in the sanctuary.

Display various things before, during, and after services on an easily seen projector screen. Some things you may consider displaying include:

  • A countdown clock to advise church members when service will begin
  • Lyrics to the worship songs as your worship team leads them
  • Scriptures included in the sermon
  • Announcement highlights once service has ended

Sight lines that create comfortable viewing of the stage area from any seat in the auditorium.

Visual connectedness begins with seeing the platform easily.

Worship leaders and pastors utilize the visual display of words and a discreet digital clock that faces the platform.

Song lyrics and a clearly displayed clock help those on the platform throughout the service.

Virtual services throughout the building connect those in the sanctuary to others in the building.

Your nursing mothers’ room is a thoughtful place to locate a TV monitor with the service playing throughout service time. Your children’s ministry resource room or headquarters benefit from a TV monitor of live services so they can notify teachers when the adult service is winding down. It’s even helpful to place TV monitors of services over the entrance to your church sanctuary so those who are entering late or reentering can navigate the best time to step into the sanctuary.

It’s time to rise and build the church you’ve dreamed of, and we’re here to help.

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