Creative Solutions for Maximizing Church Building Spaces

If your church is bursting at the seams yet the budget to build isn’t, it’s time for some creative solutions. Today, many churches are finding innovative ways to maximize their current building’s space and cultivate church growth regardless of their facility’s size, features, and unique challenges.

Begin by thinking through your building’s spaces, and then ask yourself (and the creative thinkers and staff that surround you) for the best ways to maximize each space’s functional use. Walk through your facility—inside and out—and brainstorm together with your team.

Begin with a Space’s Primary Function

Prior to creating multiple uses for a building’s spaces, each space should have a main priority for its use, which dictates its décor and primary function. For example, a youth building decked out for teens creates an immediately engaging experience for high school students upon entering the space.

Once a space has a primary function, find ways in which to turn the lights on more often and use the space for additional purposes. A little planning and creative thinking goes a long way in utilizing your building’s space.

Flip the Function of Specific Spaces

As youth ministries grow, churches are finding creative ways to meet their needs in spite of current facility limitations. A large space designed for youth may be used during Sunday school for grades 6-9 while adjacent classrooms are occupied by grades 10-12. When Sunday school ends and Sunday service begins, the spaces flip their functions and the classrooms house the students from grades 6-9 while the 10th-12th-grade students meet in the large space. Flipping a space’s function maximizes a facility’s use.

Instant Coffee Shop

Perhaps you don’t have room in your church to build a small coffee shop for people who come early and linger after services. But everyone loves an outdoor café! Why not look at renaming a functional space outdoors right outside the main entrance? Set tables and chairs under an awning and roll out a coffee kiosk nearby to welcome church members and newcomers alike.

An outdoor connecting space adds vibrant excitement as visitors approach the sanctuary. It creates a great place to linger after service where your church community can enjoy rich fellowship without feeling rushed.

From Main Sanctuary to Multipurpose Room

Create a multipurpose room by replacing the main sanctuary’s church pews with stackable chairs. The option of clearing or rearranging chairs gives a sanctuary the ability to instantly (with the help of some volunteers) turn into anything from a great location for youth gatherings to volunteer appreciation dinners or even weekly exercise classes.

Outdoor Spaces for Classes and Community

Weather permitting, outdoor spaces are great options for a church’s multi-use philosophy. Consider adding a playground for toddlers and an additional one for elementary age students to enjoy as part of their Sunday morning experience. As teachers rotate students in a particular age group to the outdoor space, indoor space is made available to minister to additional age groups. Playgrounds can also be utilized during the week as community gathering areas, naturally drawing more non-church members onto the campus. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Rethink Walls for Immediate Expansion

Is there a wall that could be removed to expand your ministry space in the main sanctuary or student ministries area? A glass wall, for instance, that separates the sanctuary from the lobby may be able to be removed, so seats can be added – enlarging the main sanctuary to accommodate more people.

Structurally, some walls can be removed, and some can’t. A structural engineer, architect, or contractor should be consulted before taking down walls, and our Churches by Daniels professionals are ready to help.

One Sanctuary, Multiple Services

A cost effective way to reach more people with your current facility is to add additional services. This not only makes room for you to influence more people, but it also helps your volunteer staff get fed spiritually. Volunteers can literally work at one service, then attend another all in the same morning, keeping them filled up with the Word of God and informed of all that is going on in the main service.

Churches by Daniels excels in assisting your church family reach your current goals. We are here to assist you with everything from renovations, remodeling, and reassigning spaces to designing and building your dream facility from start to finish.

Learn more about what we have to offer at Churches By Daniels Architect / Design Services. Call us today and discover how we can come alongside you and develop the necessary spaces for your church’s growth, development, and outreach. We look forward to working together—designing strategic solutions for your current situation. Call us today at (918) 872-6006.