5 Ways Your Church Building Can Pay into Your Ministry

When you hear the call to renovate your church, you’re likely preparing to embark on a rewarding season of ministry! However, we understand how the thought of redirecting funds from other ministry ventures or accumulating debt to make your new building possible may cause you to re-think your decision. You may not realize that expanding […]

8 Tips to Create a Successful Church Construction Fundraising Campaign

Create A Successful Church Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising for a church construction project can be a daunting process. You might be afraid you’ll offend your congregation by asking them for money, nervous you’ll incur more debt, or scared that you’ll fail to reach your fundraising goals. We understand that these fears might be stopping you from moving forward with your church construction […]

The Cost of Church Building: Figuring an Accurate Budget

Accurate Church Construction Budget

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of preparing a church construction budget? If so, you’re not alone. The amount of thought, time, and planning necessary to execute an accurate budget can be daunting for many pastors and church boards. At Churches by Daniels, we don’t want an inaccurate budget to keep you from accelerating your […]

What to Look for in a Church Fundraising Consultant for Your New Building

Church Fundraising Consultant For Your Building

  Simplify Church Fundraising Fundraising is a vital necessity when it comes to growing your church and building a new facility. If you’ve struggled with it in the past, and your vision outweighs your current budget, we’ve got great news: churches are hiring fundraising consultants and getting great results! Pastors can breathe a sigh of […]

Fundraising: Building an Ownership Mentality for Your Church Construction Project

Fundraising Building an Ownership Mentality for Your Church Construction Project

Typically, the more involved people are, the more ownership they take in a church building project and the more fruitful the outcome. But how do we creatively get church members and employees involved in the church construction project? Enter fundraising efforts. Building an Ownership Mentality Through Fundraising When people donate funds toward a church construction […]

How Crowdfunding Can Help You Raise Money for Your Church Construction Project

how crowdfunding can help-you-raise-money for your church construction project

Pastors and church leaders who take on church construction projects know that funding the vision can be one of the most difficult obstacles to tackle in realizing their dreams. Yes, approaches such as taking up building offerings during services and giving your congregation the opportunity to pledge a specific amount to donate by a targeted […]

9 Practical Tips to Help You Get Started On Your Church Construction Project


Before beginning a church construction project, examine where you have been, where you are, and where you are going as a church. Once you sense it is time to move forward and plan your church building project, look at the practical ingredients necessary to more forward. 1. Start With the Basics To begin your project, […]