Reasons to Choose a Design-Builder for Church Construction

New construction is an exciting endeavor for your church. You can finally expand your space to fulfill your ministry vision! However, before starting on a building project, it is crucial to decide which construction method you want to follow — traditional or design-build.  Churches by Daniels is a church design-builder who believes this streamlined process […]

Expand Your Church’s Ministry with a Commercial Kitchen

If you’re in the process of choosing a design for your church building, chances are, you’re excited about all the possibilities for your ministry — and maybe a smidge overwhelmed.  When selecting features for your church layout, it’s crucial to incorporate practical and functional elements that will support and advance your ministry — like a […]

How to Stay on Budget for Church Construction

You’re probably prepared to spend a significant chunk of change on your church building project. However, you’re likely also searching for ways to save money and steward your funds well during the construction process. Fortunately, one of the best ways to save money on your church building project is to hire a design-build contractor that […]

6 Critical Steps During the Architect and Design Process for Church Construction

6 Critical Steps During the Architect and Design Process for Church Construction

You’re probably feeling excited (and a bit overwhelmed!) as you approach the architect and design phase for your church construction project. After months, even years, of dreaming about your new church building, you finally get to put the plans on paper! However, before you start drafting the construction documents, there are several other essential components […]

6 Crucial Steps Pastors Should Follow During the Church Builder Hiring Process

Steps Pastors Should Follow When Hiring church Builders

If you are considering an addition, expansion, or renovation to your church facility, you are probably thrilled at the possibility of expanding your ministry. However, working directly with the commercial construction industry can be a confusing, daunting process to navigate alone. We understand how important it is to feel confident in the contractor you choose […]

4 Reasons to Hire a Design-Builder Before You Work with a Church Architect

Hire A Design Builder Before A Church Architect

Unlike the design-build process that Churches by Daniels uses nationwide with great success, a traditional approach to church building utilizes two companies: an architect and a construction company. Many churches reach out to a church architect before contacting a design builder. Big mistake. The problem is that it complicates things to hire two companies to […]

How Long Does It Take to Plan My Church Construction Project Using a Design-Builder?

Design Build Plan Timeline Church Construction

What Is the Design-Build Method? The design-build method of church construction is a system of contracting in which one entity manages the architecture, engineering, and construction of your church construction project all under one contract. In this system, the architect and construction contractor work together as a team. With the design-build method, you receive an […]

8 Advantages of Hiring Pre-Construction Management Services for Your Church Project

Pre-Construction Management Services For Your Church Project

Pre-Construction Management Services Basics Church facilities are sacred places where lives are changed and destinies fulfilled. Pastors and church leaders have the awesome opportunity to take the vision God placed in their heart and walk it out. When it’s time for the vision for a new building to become tangible, steps need to be taken […]

Affordable Church Construction: Building in Phases

Build Your Church In Phases

When unlimited vision collides with a limited budget, creativity is spawned. So if you’re brimming over with goals for a new church building, but it’s not feasible to take it all on at once, we’ve got good news for you. At Churches by Daniels, we understand the zeal pastors and church boards carry for expansion, […]