10 Steps of the Construction Process for Your New Church Worship Facility

Steps Of The Construction Process

We know you’re excited to start building your new church facility! But before your project begins, you should understand the critical steps of the construction process, so you can know what to expect. One of the best ways to guarantee a smooth construction process is to hire a reliable, experienced design-builder. When you follow the […]

Find the Right Land for Your New Church Construction Project

Find the right land for your new church construction project with Churches by Daniels.

Investing in land for a new church build is a thrilling process. You’re excited about the opportunity to serve your congregation with excellence in a location designed to meet their specific needs. As you dream about all the features you want your new church to offer, make sure that you don’t put the cart before […]

Easements, Zoning, & City Regulations

What to Consider When Buying and Developing Land for Church Construction

What Are Easements? Easements are how far you set back from the street. If the gas line is running across your property, you have to have checked the easement. If the gas line is running across your company, you cannot build on top of their easement. Sometimes you can go to the organization, a gas […]

Importance Of Hiring A Civil Engineer for Your Church Construction

Importance Of Hiring A Civil Engineer

Churches By Daniels has a lot of experience because we have been in the church construction business for so long. We have seen so many people buy properties that are not useable. We helped a man once that put money down for a location for $2 million. We looked at it with him for a couple […]

Before You Build

before you build your church

Here’s a few tips that you should consider before you build. Parking Requirements Landscape Requirements Signage code and restrictions If the land is on a steep hill, it can cost more than it is worth to correct. Please contact Churches by Daniels at 918-872-6006 for any questions you may have on your church building project. […]

Purchasing Church Property

church property

Are you a Pastor looking to purchase land for future development? Then this article is for you! Purchasing Property “What Makes a Piece of Land Right or Wrong for the Church” by Charlie Daniels. In this article you will find information on things to look for before investing time, money, and other resources in the […]