Helpful Tips for Hanging Your Church’s Christmas Lights

Man hanging christmas lights on the roof of a commercial property

Christmas lights are an excellent way to infuse your church building with holiday cheer and brighten up your local community! However, it’s crucial to hang them correctly to prevent damage to your church building. Follow these tips for hanging holiday lights to ensure you, your team, and the church building stays safe while “decking the […]

Fun Church Activities to Unite Your Congregation

Your church plays a crucial role in helping people build their relationships with Jesus Christ. However, it also serves another important purpose—helping your congregation find community and connection with like-minded people. People in your congregation and greater community are desperately searching for opportunities to connect with others—and a well-designed church can create events, activities, and […]

20 Memorable Events Your Church Can Host for the Community

We know how much work, prayer, and dedication you invest in your weekly church services. But what if one of the best avenues for meaningful conversations, lasting relationships, and church growth was through fun, engaging events for your congregation and the greater community? Churchwide activities are a great way to utilize your church building to […]