What to Look for When Hiring a Church Builder for Megachurch Construction

Mega Church Construction

If your congregation is rapidly growing, you may be considering megachurch construction to expand your facilities to maximize your ministry impact. Chances are, you’ve already thought about the incredible opportunities a megachurch would create for your ministry: Large capacity facilities allow your entire congregation to worship together under one roof. State-of-the-art technology creates an engaging […]

4 Benefits of Value Engineering for Church Design-Build Construction

Benefits Of Value Engineering

Church construction is already an expensive endeavor. It shouldn’t be made more costly with unnecessary items, processes, and corrections during construction. If you’re looking for a way to save money, stay within your project timeline, and focus on your priorities for your worship space, invest in value engineering with Churches By Daniels. This collaborative, creative […]

Why Pastors Value Post-Construction Services to Finish Their Church Construction

Post Construction Services For Churches

Now that construction is finally complete, it’s time to begin gathering in your new church, right? Well, you’re almost there, but there’s still a vital step to complete in the building process—the post-construction phase. There’s a lot to think about when your church building is complete. Who will return rented equipment? Are your systems up […]

6 Crucial Steps Pastors Should Follow During the Church Builder Hiring Process

Steps Pastors Should Follow When Hiring church Builders

If you are considering an addition, expansion, or renovation to your church facility, you are probably thrilled at the possibility of expanding your ministry. However, working directly with the commercial construction industry can be a confusing, daunting process to navigate alone. We understand how important it is to feel confident in the contractor you choose […]

4 Reasons to Hire a Design-Builder Before You Work with a Church Architect

Hire A Design Builder Before A Church Architect

Unlike the design-build process that Churches by Daniels uses nationwide with great success, a traditional approach to church building utilizes two companies: an architect and a construction company. Many churches reach out to a church architect before contacting a design builder. Big mistake. The problem is that it complicates things to hire two companies to […]

The Cost of Church Building: Figuring an Accurate Budget

Accurate Church Construction Budget

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of preparing a church construction budget? If so, you’re not alone. The amount of thought, time, and planning necessary to execute an accurate budget can be daunting for many pastors and church boards. At Churches by Daniels, we don’t want an inaccurate budget to keep you from accelerating your […]

How Long Does It Take to Plan My Church Construction Project Using a Design-Builder?

Design Build Plan Timeline Church Construction

What Is the Design-Build Method? The design-build method of church construction is a system of contracting in which one entity manages the architecture, engineering, and construction of your church construction project all under one contract. In this system, the architect and construction contractor work together as a team. With the design-build method, you receive an […]

8 Advantages of Hiring Pre-Construction Management Services for Your Church Project

Pre-Construction Management Services For Your Church Project

Pre-Construction Management Services Basics Church facilities are sacred places where lives are changed and destinies fulfilled. Pastors and church leaders have the awesome opportunity to take the vision God placed in their heart and walk it out. When it’s time for the vision for a new building to become tangible, steps need to be taken […]

7 Disaster Recovery Tips for Church Facilities

Church Disaster Recovery Tips

Churches who lack a plan for disaster recovery suffer more in the aftermath of destruction. Without proper planning and preparation for disaster, churches risk exhausting their resources, responding inappropriately, and costing themselves more time and money than if they had planned ahead for adversities. Plan ahead so your church can act, not react, when disaster […]