Building Forward: Churches On Demand

Building Forward: Churches On DemandChurch growth

When churches are growing, you should take your time and not build another facility right away. It might be a good option to change or regenerate a commercial facility to a worship facility.

At Churches By Daniels, we know ministries that have high numbers of church members, 3 services, and are jammed-packed. But, if they plan to build a new facility all the stress of planning that building could lower the number of church members. Instead, they bought a “big box” (a Walmart or a big store). They are moving into their new venue and building classrooms so that they can build up their church in a good environment and save money also.

One thing you have to think about when buying a “big box” is restrooms. You will need to have bathrooms added or remodeled. The builder will help you walk through all of it. Also, you have to make sure you have heating and air, good lighting, and good lighting placement when you are renovating your new church home.

Egress space

You have to have a certain amount of egress to get the people out of the building. The code will make sure that you comply with all of that. When something happens and people have to flood to their cars you need to make sure they can comfortably get out. The aisles need to be wide enough for people to easily get exit the building. Also, your parking space needs to be considered so that people are not waiting in the parking lots for a long time. They may not want to come back because of that experience.

“Christianity begins in the parking lot.” -Unknown

City Regulations

You always have to deal with city regulations. This is VERY important. When you go to build or remodel a building, you need to make sure the first thing you do is contact the city, and get them involved. Have a certified engineer go with you to make sure your building is structurally sound and built correctly. There are so many regulations, it is important to do them before you pay the money to get them checked. It is a very bad thing to buy a building and realize it doesn’t qualify as a church.

Multi-Site Churches

There are many types of satellite campuses. Some churches have multiple video delay services, where they record the service and then play the video for the service the next week. There are some churches to instantaneous services, where they record the video and stream it live for the church. With video delayed services you are able to have multi venues on one campus. With Satellite campuses, you can have so many different types of venues. You can have one without video, and you can have a morning service and then have an evening service somewhere else. You need to investigate the technical aspects of satellite video so you completely understand its needs.

Churches By Daniels Helps Churches

As a leading church construction company, Churches by Daniels is ready to help your church at any phase of the design & construction process. From complete new church buildings to renovation, remodeling and expansion projects – we can help you achieve your ministry goals.

From the inception of your church construction project, we bring an outstanding team of professionals to work alongside your building team, to bring building projects to completion within budget and on time, and with a passionate commitment to quality, detail and service. Contact us today and we will sit down and talk about your goals and plans for your church.