How Do Wetlands and Floodplains Impact Church Construction?

Wetlands and floodplains before church construction.

Water may be essential to life, but it can be a pain to navigate when building a church. Building on wetlands or floodplains and determining where (and how) to lay water and sewage lines can present plenty of hoops to jump through. While overlooking these technical details can be tempting when you’re excited about building […]

What Is the Design-Build Process?

New construction is an exciting endeavor for your church. You can finally expand your space to fulfill your ministry vision! However, before starting on a building project, you must decide which construction method—traditional or design-build—is right for you. Churches by Daniels is a church design-builder who believes this streamlined process is the most cost-effective, efficient, […]

8 Modern Church Design Trends to Embrace in 2024

Modern church design with a coffee shop by Churches by Daniels.

As we move into 2024, it’s time to say goodbye to outdated church design trends and hello to the future. Modern churches are blurring lines that were once firmly drawn about what a church should look like to appeal to the values of younger generations, such as work-life balance, innovative technology, and sleek community-oriented spaces.  […]

Expand Your Church’s Ministry with a Commercial Kitchen

If you’re in the process of choosing a design for your church building, chances are, you’re excited about all the possibilities for your ministry — and maybe a smidge overwhelmed.  When selecting features for your church layout, it’s crucial to incorporate practical and functional elements that will support and advance your ministry — like a […]

Helpful Tips for Hanging Your Church’s Christmas Lights

Man hanging christmas lights on the roof of a commercial property

Christmas lights are an excellent way to infuse your church building with holiday cheer and brighten up your local community! However, it’s crucial to hang them correctly to prevent damage to your church building. Follow these tips for hanging holiday lights to ensure you, your team, and the church building stays safe while “decking the […]

Fun Church Activities to Unite Your Congregation

Your church plays a crucial role in helping people build their relationships with Jesus Christ. However, it also serves another important purpose—helping your congregation find community and connection with like-minded people. People in your congregation and greater community are desperately searching for opportunities to connect with others—and a well-designed church can create events, activities, and […]

40 Helpful Interview Questions to Ask Your Church Designer

40 Helpful Interview Questions to Ask Your Church Designer

Before hiring a church designer to complete your upcoming remodeling project, finding someone who’s well-qualified, honest, and aligned with your budget and timeline is crucial.  This helpful list of interview questions can help you find a church designer who has your best interests at heart—so you can ensure your new church building fulfills your ministry […]

20 Memorable Events Your Church Can Host for the Community

We know how much work, prayer, and dedication you invest in your weekly church services. But what if one of the best avenues for meaningful conversations, lasting relationships, and church growth was through fun, engaging events for your congregation and the greater community? Churchwide activities are a great way to utilize your church building to […]

Ways to Facilitate Weeklong Ministry in Your Church Building

Your church already touches so many lives in the community—and you’re only open on Sunday! Imagine the impact you could make if your property were available to the public every day of the week. If you’re thinking about expanding your church facilities, consider adding these valuable spaces and creative services to facilitate ministry throughout the […]

5 Ways Your Church Building Can Pay into Your Ministry

When you hear the call to renovate your church, you’re likely preparing to embark on a rewarding season of ministry! However, we understand how the thought of redirecting funds from other ministry ventures or accumulating debt to make your new building possible may cause you to re-think your decision. You may not realize that expanding […]