Audio/Visuals: What to Consider for Your Church Building Project

Just as each congregation is unique, each church building specifically reflects the people it houses. The audio/visual technology your church is considering should reflect your church’s unique culture.

Trusted audiovisual experts are part of our design team
The experienced professional design team provided by Churches by Daniels includes an architect, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, civil engineer, and audiovisual engineer for your church’s sound and lighting needs. Check out our comprehensive team of professionals.

Audio/Visual needs—where to begin

Prepare and budget for proper audio and visual needs from the beginning of the church building process. Churches that don’t consider audio, video and lighting needs from the very beginning of church planning stages can complicate things in the end.

The best place to begin is by investing time developing a customized plan based on the present and future goals for your church’s audio, visual, and lighting gear. Involve the worship leaders and audio engineers in the decision making process as various options are explored. Collaborate to define your short-term and long-term audio, visual, and lighting goals. Develop a strategy to incrementally add components to enhance the worship service experience for church members. A realistic budget for gear maintenance, upgrades, and training for those utilizing the gear should all be considered before beginning to purchase your equipment.

Quality pays in the long run

We encourage churches to buy reliable gear that will last. Talk with other churches, read up on new technology solutions, and educate your decision makers in order to make the best-informed choices on gear purchases. Stay current on the latest gear by reading and When you have educated yourself on the options, planned a specific strategy for your goals, created a budget, and collaborated with staff, you’re ready to begin planning the stages in which your gear will be purchased.

Popular gear choices

Some popular choices for audio gear include Sennheiser microphone systems, and Yamaha digital mixers and speakers. Countryman microphones and RCF speaker cabinets are also great choices for churches.

Projectors and screens

Like any technology infrastructure within a church, it’s vital to invest in quality components and workmanship when purchasing projectors and screens for your church. Video projection systems can be used for everything from simple displays of lyrics or Bible verses on a video screen to sophisticated video, lighting, and sound displays. Video screens and projectors are chosen based on the room size, seating arrangement, and amount of ambient light in the room. Image aspect ratios, video screen material, video screen gain and viewing angles are all taken into consideration before purchasing projectors and screens for a sanctuary.


Some of the most popular worship software options include Easy Worship, Song Show Plus, and MediaShout. Easy Worship, a popular software package, provides King James and American Standard Bible versions. The software supports dual video outputs, allows for live video use, and provides a host of transitions from which to choose.

The Song Show Plus extended feature software includes dual monitors, video, and a database of over 6,000 songs. It offers more video control and allows you to overlay text over graphics and video. These features particularly enhance services such as Easter and Christmas.

MediaShout’s recently released major update gives MediaShout 6 a cleaner and more tightly integrated user interface. They sped up the process of importing lyrics and working with Bible verses. They even provide training videos and tech support. Many appreciate the simplicity of this worship software product.

Cost effective distributor designed for churches and ministries

RSI Audio had churches in mind when they developed one of the best equipment dealers and distribution networks in the industry, and they are designed to help churches specifically. It is an option worth exploring because they offer honest, budget friendly consultation and opportunities to purchase lighting, audio, and video equipment. Because they are housed in a large church, they understand the unique audio/visual needs churches encounter.

RSI Audio’s advice is backed by decades of experience with church and ministry needs. Their quality and prices on gear for churches and ministries thrill customers. And their expertise can help take your church’s audio and visual equipment to the next level to enhance your services. Check out the advantage of getting the support and quality you need through this elite team of audio and visual experts.

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