8 Tips to Create a Successful Church Construction Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising for a church construction project can be a daunting process. You might be afraid you’ll offend your congregation by asking them for money, nervous you’ll incur more debt, or scared that you’ll fail to reach your fundraising goals.

We understand that these fears might be stopping you from moving forward with your church construction campaign. However, church construction fundraising is essential to expand your church building to fulfill your ministry vision. It’s also an excellent way to inspire your congregation to join together to advance the Kingdom of God.

Utilize these eight tips to create and manage a successful church construction fundraising campaign that will earn the confidence and trust of your congregation!

1. Provide Different Giving Options

Different generations handle money differently, and each generation prefers to give in a unique way. For example, nearly 25% of Millennials donate to nonprofits using their smartphone, but Baby Boomers prefer to donate via direct mail.

To develop a successful church construction fundraising campaign, consider including multiple giving options to appeal to all generations.

Here are a few examples:

  • Collection boxes
  • Online giving platforms
  • Text to give
  • Direct mail
  • Social media integration

2. Simplify the Online Giving Process

The easier it is to give, the more frequently your congregation will donate to your campaign. Making your online giving platforms efficient and easy to navigate will help your donors have a positive giving experience.

Here are some tips to make the giving process easy for you and your donors:

  • Make your giving campaign easy for your congregants to share with friends and family on social media.
  • Offer donors the ability to store their credit cards securely on file for repeat online donations.
  • Collect each donor’s contact information to build strong, lasting relationships.

3. Emphasize the Needs and Benefits

Donors are surrounded by dozens of nonprofit organizations they can choose to give their money to—which is why it’s crucial to demonstrate why giving to your church building campaign is most important.

Will the new parking lot alleviate the congested traffic to give new visitors a more positive experience each week? Will the children’s building addition give your youth ministry the ability to expand and grow?

Show donors how their contribution to the church construction campaign will not only fill a need—but how the campaign will have an eternal impact on the congregation and the community.

4. Explain the Details

Besides understanding your campaign’s overall needs and benefits, donors will want to understand the specific details before they give their money willingly.

Most donors will want to know:

  • How their funds will be used.
  • An overall timeline for the project.
  • The plan for project completion.

5. Engage Your Congregation

Donors who give to your church construction campaign are invested in the final result. Even though the church planning and construction process can take months (sometimes even years!) to complete, it’s essential to keep your congregation updated on your fundraising campaign’s status.

Here are some ideas to engage your congregation in your church construction project:

Send Updates

Request that donors and congregants opt into an email list—and send monthly updates sharing progress with the fundraising campaign and construction.

Show Progress Photos

Once construction begins, show progress photos during church to keep your congregation engaged in your campaign.

Create a Giving Thermometer

Find a tool like GivingFuel that will allow you to create a giving page that includes a giving thermometer so that donors can see how far you’ve come—and potential donors will be encouraged to give.

6. Create a Clear, Achievable Goal

Don’t set your fundraising goals so high that the congregation becomes discouraged. Instead, set clear, realistic goals for your church fundraising campaign to effectively reach the member that has not yet been open to giving without alienating the one who is already giving faithfully.

7. Express Your Gratitude

A sincere “thank you” is one of the best ways to express your gratitude to your donors.

Whether you send a personalized note in the mail or hold an event to thank donors for their contribution—ensure that your donors understand how grateful you are for their contribution to your church campaign.

8. Remember the True Purpose

Remember, the ultimate goal of a church fundraising campaign isn’t to raise money—but to advance the Kingdom of God.

As you collect funds for a church building campaign, the emphasis should be on giving to God—not giving to the building. If the heart of your congregation is to honor the Lord—the treasure will follow!

Simplify Church Building Fundraising with Churches by Daniels

It’s no secret that managing a church fundraising campaign is a daunting project. So, if you find yourself in need of some extra assistance—we can help!

Our caring, experienced team at Churches by Daniels has helped pastors from around the country confidently fulfill their ministry vision since 1980.

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