8 Advantages of Hiring Pre-Construction Management Services for Your Church Project

Pre-Construction Management Services Basics

Church facilities are sacred places where lives are changed and destinies fulfilled. Pastors and church leaders have the awesome opportunity to take the vision God placed in their heart and walk it out. When it’s time for the vision for a new building to become tangible, steps need to be taken in natural areas in order to enjoy the best final outcome, and planning is one of them.

Take the Stress out of the Church Building Process

Many pastors say that building a new facility or remodeling their current one is one of the hardest things they’ve done. The responsibility of a building project can become overwhelming to some, and contribute to stress that pulls them from their primary calling…but it doesn’t have to be that way!

At Churches by Daniels, we manage the entire church construction process and make it an enjoyable one for pastors and leaders. We understand how important it is to have a building that facilitates and accelerates your ministry vision, not hold it back. For 40 years, we’ve built churches and helped pastors get the best possible facility for their budget and enjoy the building process.

The Importance of Preconstruction

Let’s start at the very beginning. When it comes to your new church facility or remodel, what happens during pre-construction sets the tone for your entire church building project. During this important phase the contractor, designers, architects, and engineers work together as a design team. Under the pastor’s lead and based on his vision, they collaborate and create an outline of the church construction project from start to finish.

Although pre-construction services vary based on the church’s needs and the project scope, there are basic elements they include such as:

  1. Construction Analysis: Feasibility studies, risk analysis, site evaluation, timeline, estimated budget, materials options, LEED analysis
  2. Utility Mapping: Identify buried pipes and cables beneath the ground
  3. Engineering Services: 3D modeling coordination and more
  4. Project Development: Schematic estimates, site logistics
  5. Design Development: Value engineering, comparison of costs with various material choices, insurance options, suppliers determined, design development estimate
  6. Construction Documents: Final contract, final schedule

Pre-construction management outlines your new church building’s timeline and budget with detailed planning, preventing problems and accelerating progress. Data accumulated during pre-construction benefits the project from start to finish.

Pre-Construction Management Benefits

Your church building project begins long before you can see the facility. Let’s explore the benefits of hiring a professional church construction company to assist in the pre-construction phase of planning your new church facility. Reliable church construction management can benefit your building project in every phase including the pre-construction phase. Here are some of the many pre-construction management benefits:

1. Save money

The more diligent and comprehensive the preconstruction phase is, the more it can save you money throughout the construction process. Planning ahead can help alleviate potential problems during construction, saving you money on your project.

2. Define the scope of the project

Project details are outlined and planned, which gives the team a broad overview of the church building project from start to finish.

3. Build a platform for fluid communication within the design team

The pre-construction stage brings the design together to put a formal plan in place that includes budgets, schedules, and designs. The teamwork and collaboration required for the preconstruction phase creates buy-in. During pre-construction, a host of items need to be discussed and resolved. As the team of professionals works together with the pastor and church board, fluid communication is fostered. Effective communication is vital throughout the project to avoid overlapping tasks and prevent mistakes from occurring.

4. Prevent problems during the building process

Review areas of concern before you even begin building, and you’ll prevent problems throughout the building process. Go over permit requirements, site selection, soil evaluation, material analysis, equipment selection, and more.

5. Create a realistic timeline for project completion

Pre-construction management helps keep scheduling on track for the scope of the project. From start dates to completion dates, team members can determine the ideal schedule for streamlined project progression.

6. Save time

Since designers, contractors and engineers work together to plan the project during pre-construction, various concerns are addressed to prevent schedule delays.

7. Verify feasibility of your project

The pre-construction phase helps you determine if your ideas are doable. By taking a close look at your vision, factoring in data and budget considerations, and collaborating to plan for the best possible outcome, you’ll know if your building concepts are achievable.

8. Creates a thorough budget estimate for your new facility

This critical step ensures pastors, church boards, and the church building committee are able to prioritize the things they want most in their new building and stay within their budget throughout the building process. It gives you the platform to verify your plans and estimated budget are in sync, and adjust them as needed (which is a foundational step in securing funding for your church building).

About Fundraising for Your New Church Facility

Churches by Daniels offers advice and recommendations on fundraising, but doesn’t actually fundraise for a building project. Check out our tips on fundraising ideas.

Church Construction You Can Trust

Churches by Daniels, Inc. has built churches since 1980. We have served pastors from coast to coast, focusing on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction while fulfilling the pastor’s vision. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, loyalty, and legacy is displayed not just in our projects, but also in our respectful communication with pastors and church leaders.

We utilize the design-build process to ensure you get the best final product for your church building project. The design-build delivery method works well for new construction and major renovation projects. It saves money in the long run due to its structure: architecture and construction professionals under one roof, and seasoned, trusted subcontractors with reliable skills working hard to exceed expectations.

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