6 Elements to Maximize Your Church Foyer Facelift

There are many elements to consider when approaching decisions about your new church construction project or church remodeling project. From student ministries spaces to the main sanctuary, all areas of a church building contribute to the overall experience your church community enjoys. As you plan for success, keep in mind that first impressions last—and first impressions begin in the church foyer. The foyer is a vital area of your church and should be planned intentionally with both church members and visitors in mind.

Put yourself in the shoes of a first-time visitor and ask what your immediate needs are upon your entrance into the church foyer. Do you need to know where to drop your preschool children off for service? Do you need to know where the restrooms are located? Do you need a coffee and a few minutes to say hello to others? Do you want information on the youth camp you heard about taking place this summer?

Visitors and church members need to have space to connect with each other outside the sanctuary in addition to worshiping together in the main sanctuary. The church foyer provides the perfect space to take care of many needs before and after the worship service. Here are a few things that can’t be left out of your church foyer if you plan to give it a facelift—or build a new one.

1. Helpful information booth:

From lost and found items to volunteer sign-ups, an information booth is a “must have” in every church foyer. Friendly, knowledgeable volunteers supply visitors and church members alike with needed information about everything from upcoming events to the location of the children’s ministries drop off for elementary age students.

2. Space to connect:

The popular church café tucked into the church foyer offers a welcoming space to enjoy a refreshing coffee, relax, and visit with other church members. Relationship building is critical to church growth, and a café is the perfect built-in space in which to relax and connect with others regularly—on the way into and out of church services. Members who build relationships with other members tend to put roots down into a church and become vital participants—sowing their talents to help others.

3. Clear messaging of your vision:

The foyer is the perfect location to set the tone and communicate what is important to you as a church. Are you outreach oriented? Perhaps it is appropriate to install some floor to ceiling messaging about Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Do you have a mandate that propels your church vision? Write the vision and make it plain—so others can read it and run with it. The foyer is a great place to communicate your vision so others read it as they enter and exit your services.

4. A welcoming environment:

The colors you choose for flooring and walls as well as the décor all add up to a welcoming foyer environment where people want to be. Consider warm tones to embrace and welcome visitors and church members upon entering the building. Staff your foyer’s doors with happy volunteers who sincerely extend a hand of love to every person who enters, and you are well on your way to a unified church community.

5. Cleanliness and excellence:

The foyer sets the tone for the whole church experience, so keep it simple in design, and once it is built, keep it clean. Excellence is communicated in all you do, and the simple act of keeping your church foyer clean shows your members and guests you’ve been expecting them and you honor the fact they have chosen to worship with you.

6. Communicate and celebrate accomplishments:

Why not take space in the foyer to display what your youth just did in their community service projects, or what your seniors did for the homeless, or what your church did on their recent missions trip? Showcase the fruit you have reaped together, and celebrate successes in your vision with visual displays in your foyer. Additionally, communicate progressive success like how much you’ve raised for a particular project—perhaps a new vehicle for a missionary family.
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