3 Top Ways to Save Big on Your Church Construction’s Design Bill

There is passion in the heart of a pastor or church leader to complete the God-given vision for new church construction. Passion helps church leaders do everything possible to bring vision to pass in the most cost-effective and timely fashion.

When it comes to church design, cutting corners may cost in the long run.

The problem is, some leaders work so hard keeping costs low that the end result isn’t what they envisioned. Cutting corners on the design phase of your church construction project may seem to save on cash up-front, but it can often cost you more in the long run.

What are the most cost-effective ways to save on a church’s construction project? Is it possible that by addressing design wisely, churches can save in the long run?

Cost-effective church design

Church design is critical to the success of your overall project. Here are some tips on ways to save big on your church construction’s design bill:

1. Hire the right team to do your church’s quality design and architectural services.

Think about it. The better your church is designed, the more functional it will be for the years and decades ahead. The more your church architect includes not only your current needs, but also your future needs into the design, the longer you are prepared to utilize your building fruitfully.

When it comes to finding the right design team for your church construction project, it’s worth every bit of the effort it takes to look at your options until you are fully satisfied you have the right match. Investing into the right team for your design and architectural services is foundational to your building project’s success.

Your design should reflect your church’s unique personality and vision. Your church’s appearance alone should welcome your community to step inside and consider becoming part of your church family.

Cost-effective church design begins with defining your vision and identifying your needs in the major and minor details of your new building, and your church architect is key to your overall building success, so choose wisely.

There’s great benefit to hiring the right design team, and even if the design fee is somewhat higher, it can result in long-term savings and deliver benefits to your congregation for many years.

2. Use modern materials. Modern trends in flooring offer great options to consider in the church design process.

The look of a concrete slab with a polished finish or stained concrete can lend itself to the taste of today’s modern church culture. Simplify flooring by grinding the concrete slab and applying a sealer which requires no wax. Additional modern flooring options include:

  • Wood-looking flooring: Wood-looking flooring in laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tile is one of the top flooring trends, and it likely won’t go out of style anytime soon.
  • Waterproof flooring: Waterproof vinyl, laminate, and even carpet help busy churches save time and money in the long run.
  • Textured flooring: Trendy hand-scraped, wire-brushed, and fully distressed floors now come in wood and laminate for some distinct modern looks.
  • Natural flooring: Environmentally-responsible flooring is something today’s culture leans toward. Natural, renewable, recyclable materials bring elements from the outdoors inside for a refreshing overall look.
  • Blonde flooring: Gray flooring is still the favorite, but blonde flooring is beginning to enter the scene—aiding in creating the open, airy look that brings a refreshing simplicity to spaces.

3. Consider creative layout ideas.

Assigning different purposes to large spaces within a church building helps save money in the long run. Think of the variety of purposes for which a room the size of most auditoriums can be used. From Christmas banquets to wedding receptions, large spaces with versatile removable seating offer today’s churches the latitude to repurpose spaces as their needs arise throughout the year.

Warning: Balancing your budget and design.

Stay vigilant regarding your budget’s limits when working with church designers. Unfortunately, some designers create masterpiece designs, but they ignore your budget—so you end up with a building design you can’t afford to build.

Evaluate design teams before you hire.

Helpful questions to ask potential church design teams as you narrow your options for the right fit for your needs:

  • Can you help us achieve absolute quality while expressing our church’s uniqueness in the overall aesthetics?
  • In order to save money long-term, how can we design the space we need most efficiently using the least amount of square feet for the overall project?
  • May we look at buildings you have designed in the past to gather information about the type of end product you produce?
  • While designing a facility for our church, can you commit to staying within the budget we have outlined?

The value of good design

Better church design may add more value than it costs long-term. There is much to gain when you end up with the right church design. Even if it costs slightly more for the design, it’s worth it in the long run and will add more value than it costs. The right design pays off for decades! It shows up in functional, inviting spaces that meet your needs for years to come.

Better cost-effective church designs that meet your needs

The qualified professionals at Churches by Daniels work with church architects during the planning and designing phase to get the best result for church construction projects at a lower cost. Together, they create engaging spaces that draw people in and make them feel at home.

At Churches by Daniels, beautifully detailed designs are produced from a combination of 3D animation renderings, still renderings, owner and architect collaboration, systems integration for audio, and visual lighting coordination. Better church designs are achieved with less time wasted, leading to a successful outcome for your church construction project.

When you find the right church building designer, you are well on your way to a successful church building project. See our church architect services and call Churches by Daniels.