11 Advantages of Hiring a Design-Build Contractor for Your Church Construction

Key decisions early on in your church construction project make a difference not only for the life of the facility’s construction but also throughout the life of the building itself! Wisdom is the principle thing, so get wisdom regarding building new church construction. And then get knowledge and understanding about the process.

There are two primary ways in which church building construction is delivered: the design-bid-building method, and the design-build method. Most pastors find that the design-build method saves them time and money in the long run.

The Value of Design-Build

The church design-build method brings design and construction professionals together as a team, and is advantageous for pastors and church boards to strongly consider for their new construction or major renovation project.

Avoid Unnecessary Conflict and Miscommunication

The design-build process not only decreases costs and timelines but also decreases miscommunication and unwanted conflict during the process of building a facility. The following are some benefits of the design-build delivery method:

1. A Unified Team

Many times, pastors and church boards have the sense of us and you when building a facility. Not so with the design-build delivery method. The design-build team and the lead pastor along with the church board are all in this together and unify as a team to reach a common goal. Problems are solved together as a team, and drama is prevented because everyone is working on the same goal together.

2. A Responsible Design-Builder

The design-builder is responsible for the whole construction project. Early in the process, construction costs, utilities, landscaping prices, and any miscellaneous costs are taken into account. The members of the same team who designs the project also builds it, bringing a strong sense of responsibility to each team member for the overall project. One entity, the design-builder, is responsible for the entire project:

a. The aesthetics of the facility
b. The overall cost of the construction
c. The timeline of the project

3. Savings in Cost

The design-build process saves money and commits to work within the budget established early on by the lead pastor. In contrast, the design-bid-build delivery method may end up with a building that costs significantly more than it was projected to cost, putting churches in a financial predicament.

4. Efficiency

There is continuity in the design-build delivery method because the same skilled professionals are involved in the project from its beginning to its end. Each phase of the church building process progresses efficiently due to the unified team and working relationships within the team. Mistakes are prevented when a team of professionals works together to complete a building project in the design-build method.

5. Skill

Design-build construction firms are experts in both construction and design. Their customers are satisfied with not only the final products but also the journey it takes to get there. They have:

a. Experience and knowledge in general construction
b. A good understanding of materials from which to choose
c. Architectural training and experience
d. A firm understanding of costs and how church building projects come together
e. A strong connection with trustworthy, dependable, skilled subcontractors

6. Trusted Advisor

In the design-build process, the design-builder is an experienced guide who is ready to respectfully act as a trusted guide to church leaders throughout the building process. He oversees the details in an orderly fashion, helping the lead pastor and church leaders bypass the stress and chaos others sometimes experience when building new church construction projects.

7. Lead Pastor Participation

Lead pastors get involved in the building process, assuring their vision will be realized as they imagined it. They are frequently invested in the process and take great joy in the end product as a result. Lead pastors and church boards are active participants in the design-build process. Relationships between the design-builder and the church leadership are forged and help the process run smoothly with dreaming out loud in the early stages, followed by fluid communication, clarity of purpose, and timely decisions.

8. Collaboration Brings Synergistic Solutions

The pastor has ultimate control over their building project, and the design-build team collaborates with the pastor, bringing better overall results to the final product.

9. Communication is Key

Lead pastors are kept well-informed with open, honest, and fluid communication consistently between the design-builder and the lead pastor. Clear communication on the pastor’s part and good listening skills on the design-builder’s part promote optimal results. The building budget is established early in the design-build process, and is adhered to for the project duration.

10. Saves Time in the Long Run

The design-build process is super-efficient, well-coordinated, cost-effective, and saves time in the long run. Pastors are given ample time to make major decisions, bring out any questions they may have, and look at their options before giving their decision.

The design-build system, by nature, is extremely adaptive to the unexpected challenges that arise during a construction project. As a result, the construction speed and delivery speed are significantly faster than the design-bid-build process. And the design-build process saves time due to the efficiency of communication between professionals, as well as fluid and frequent communication with the lead pastor.

11. Saves Money in the Long Run

The design-build delivery method works well for new construction and major renovation projects. It saves money in the long run due to its structure: architecture and construction professionals under one roof, and seasoned, trusted subcontractors with reliable skills working hard to exceed expectations.

Churches by Daniels Embraces the Design-Build Process

Churches by Daniels, Inc. has built churches since 1980. We have served pastors from coast to coast, focusing on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction while fulfilling their vision. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, loyalty, and legacy is displayed not just in our projects, but also in our respectful communication with pastors and church leaders.

When it’s time to build a new church facility or remodel your current facility, contact the experts at Churches by Daniels! And while you’re at it, take a look at our Church Design-Build Process.